Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Do people know what Obama did? Or what the MSM tells them?

So let me get to this quick and easy.

Trump is the 45th President! Yay for those who supported him. But it's not really a boo, for those who oppose him, they literally want him out of the Whitehouse.

And yes I do have friends that oppose him and be saying "Douglas, how can you actually support this man when he spews hatred, racism, you get the whole picture?

Well, I'm not going to talk much about it because I'm here to discuss on something but to answer those type of questions my response is this:

I don't love President Trump. Are there some policies that I don't agree with him? Of course. But there are other policies of Trump I do agree with.

In 2011, I was in grade 11, and I was more interested in the government in America than here in Canada. I was in the hallway talking to my friend and he was telling me that a guy from our class has been pissed because he is mad how there is a ban on Iraqi refugees in America. I did not understand why this is happening. From watching Youtube videos, I saw videos with proof that the Iraqis were not responsible for the hijack on the airplanes. It bothered me very much. So when I was looking at the news seeing this ban actually happening, it sucked because I know my friend has cousins who lived in America and were in Iraq despite the situation that time. But everything got well because he got to see their cousins back and seems like everything is okay right?

Wait, where were the protestors at the airport? I know some Civil Rights activist were around protesting which made me glad but seems like the world didn't care much right?

Years and years, from CNN to FOX, there were reports of the bombs being dropped in the Middle East, in Yemen. And I was just bombarded with rage. Did I see posts from Girls Like Us, Dory, Sexual Gifs, Amazing Freddy, World Star talk about these attacks? No, did I see protestors protesting at the Saudi embassy in America? No. I was not much informed but I did question why is there no protest happening for all these kills happening in these countries? Like what? What is going on?

Then a few years later, I started to see protesting. From Black Lives Matter group and then later Never Trump groups during the early times, the President was running for the Republican Nominee. And throughout these protest, there was no protest on what is happening in the Middle East with ISIS cutting heads of innocent family members. But oh, I did not see that on CNN or ABC, I only saw it on Twitter. On a person's tweet on what is happening and it only gets a hundred RTs? But on these big Twitter pages or just regular individuals, you see a video of a cop taking down a person who is not restricting and this has over 50K in an hour?? What gives?

The elections are going on and while the liberal outlets said there is no chance Donald Trump will win and all these post and people spewing negative things about him, there was no talk about what is going on in the middle east.

Until Aleppo showed up. From coverage to coverage, viral videos being surfaced on Social Media, I was happy people were finally talking about it. But then it got fishy. I see these "activist" speaking on what is happening in Aleppo. They are explaining that this is happening because of their government and it is his fault. Then, of course, you see the boy in an orange chair being on every headline of mainstream media to the young girl all in blood. It was all over my social media and everyone was sad... Still, no protest on it. I saw people donating to these groups like the White Helmets because they were helping the people from these attacks...

So right now, I am against Trump, I want Hillary to win and I believe Russia and Syria are enemies.

Then Trump won.

And I was upset, RT every Shawn King post to express how there are hate crimes happening.

But then, an accusation was determined false, story by story, these 'hate crime' were deemed as a fabrication. And it kept going and going and so I heard what the conservative outlets said and I did not like it, but I want to hear their sides when it comes to these stories. So I started to watch them and watch YouTubers who are neither Trump or Clinton but are fair and debunk all the cases and I started to realize the media was not fair for Trump. I started to see more videos on how liberal media outlets lied and it just started to make me realize the falsehood they spread to their viewers and just like I, was against Trump because of his lies. Then I realize the American government was funding Saudia Arabia, funding ISIS to overthrow the Syrian government, then see Russia is not the enemy? I realized I was totally wrong and I am done with the Mainstream Media.

So Trump is actual president and the liberals are screaming Racist, fascist, people fighting with each other, protesters blocking the street, it was stupid.

Then the executive order was signed on the Muslim Ban, now protestors are at the airport protesting. Now people care? Give me a break! All these twitter pages and people are talking about the "Muslim Ban" now but they were not yelling on the bombs Obama's administration dropped in the Middle East? What? Looking at facts and research, I read that the Muslim Ban was not by Trump but created by Obama. Meanwhile, journalists from Huffington Post and third party media outlets like AJ+ kept saying "Muslim Ban", "Muslim Ban" and how it is bad and how Trump is this and that. But no one is talking about how Obama's team created it. No one but great independent journalist and vloggers who speak truth. Meanwhile, athletes and celebrities are believing these lies to think this is all from Trump and that just causes more division. We need to look at facts and actually research before believing a claim on an article.

So I decided to conduct a survey, ask these 3 questions to anyone from different countries, different ethnicity and hear your response. Some answered all of them. Many just answered 1 but couldn't answer the rest because they were surprised to hear facts just by a question.

1. What were your thoughts when the Obama administration spent millions of dollars into sending missiles to Yemen and Syria?


2. Do you believe the reasons there have been brutal attacks by refugees towards European police are because they are mad that those countries supplied weapons to fight in their lands which destroyed their lands and homes?

Only a few answered. 

So as you can see, multiple people have different opinions and I feel it was really awesome to agree to respectfully disagree. Not everyone is going to have the same opinion as you. So it is great to hear from people who are left and right.

3. Why do you think the Main Stream Media and third party sources like Twitter and FB praise Obama for being a "great president" because of how he was portrayed but did not reveal about his mistakes on sending missiles to the Middle East, created the "Muslim ban" that people think it was Trump who did it, but instead categorize Donald Trump as hateful, racist, bigot, and evil man for all his policies but never explain many will benefit the people? Is there one side to this?

As you can see from the last answer, most people answered not only opposing Trump but also opposing the last president, Barack Obama.

I agree with the majority. Many saw how the media manipulated people into believing that Obama was God sent... But really, he made it worst and it is great people can see that.

The reason for me conducting this survey is so people can not only give their response but also learn new facts from a question. Of course many oppose President Trump. But if you tell them what Obama has done, some people would be in complete shock, would not know how to answer, and may also try to argue. I even saw on a video where the reaction of a woman who was told that Obama was the one who created the "Muslim Ban". Her reaction was like "yeah, whatever, I miss Obama". Clearly, she just doesn't like Trump and not care about the immigration ban.

So if you have friends, family members, and loved ones, always tell them before they say "Trump is this!, "Trump is that", you explain to them how is he that with facts and then try to debate why you like him... But remember, it is always good to fact check your work and use examples and testimonies that justify your allegation on why you believe President Trump is better than Obama?

Ban Muslims? More like ban false propaganda that makes us believe in these lies.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Celebrities who support President Donald Trump

Wait, people from Hollywood support the "bigot", "racist", "fascist", "sexist" moron guy? How so???

Is it because they also are a bigot, racist, fascist, and sexist too?

No. They are just tired of the lies and misconceptions the politicians have said, and so they want a man who is honest, and can speak with no filter, they want a different man, and Donald Trump is that man for the job.

Hate him or love him, he is your president. And the thing is that Hollywood is just full of liberal celebrities who probably are like the rest who just watch CNN, and the MSM and hear the lies they claim about Donald Trump to paint him as a bad guy.

Singers like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyonce shouldn't surprise you that they don't agree with Donald Trump's foreign policies and more... They actually believe Trump will have his followers be more violent towards the LGBT and other minority groups. I thought so too after his win, but I never thought it'd be the other way around. But I guess I should've seen it happen since these groups were rioting and attacking Trump supporters in his rally before his victory.

But enough about the haters, let's talk about those celebrities who endorses him, support him and recently have stood up to the status quo of what that is called liberal Hollywood.

So here are the celebrities and performers:

1. Hulk Hogan

The retired star wrestler has said that he endorses the now President-elect when asked during the period he was running. He said to TMZ, "I want to be Trump's running mate." Of course, it is all a joke but the star wrestler has a good relationship with Donald Trump.

2. Jon Voight

The Oscar-winning actor said in an interview, "We need somebody to go in and reconstruct us in a sort of way, get us back to where we were, who we need to be."

Seems like there are many who just want to rebuild the nation on how it use to be. Doesn't sound racist to me no?

3. Dennis Rodman

The retired basketball player has tweeted, "We don't need another politician, we need a businessman like Mr. Trump!" 

4. Willie Robertson

Not much of a surprise for a Christian to show some support for the Republican party. The Duck Dynasty star said, "Mr. Trump is a real leader. He represents success and strength, two attributes our country needs."

5. Mike Tyson

Surprise? The boxer spoke to the Daily Beast on the President Elect. He said, "I know him, "When I see him, he shakes my hand and respects my family. None of them - Barack, whoever - nobody else does that. They're gonna be who they are and disregard me, my family. So I'm voting for him. If I can get 20,000 people or more to vote for him, I'm gonna do it."

6. Kid Rock

The Detroit rocker has told Rolling Stones that he digs Donald Trump saying, "Let the business guy run the country like a business."

7. Azealia Banks

The rapper wrote on Twitter advocating for a Trump presidency.  "I think Trump is the only one who truly has the balls to bust up big business."

8. Aaron Carter 

Yes,  I said it for all you 20-year-old girls who fell in love with him. The former teen heartthrob tweeted, "Does America want to have a president who FOLLOWS or someone who leads? I vote For @realdonaldtrump," Haha, now imagine if Jessie McCartney endorsed him too.

9. Wayne Newton

Vegas megastar Newton appeared on FOX in 2015 to speak about his support for Donald Trump when he was running for the Republican nominee. "Number one, he tells the truth, Number two, he's been where most of these guys want to be, in terms of riding on his own plane. He doesn't have to worry about what hotels he stays in, he doesn't have to worry about how his family gets to Hawaii, so on and so forth."

10. Tila Tequila

One of MTV's iconic show stars from the mid-00s actually made a youtube video of her endorsing Donald Trump calling herself a huge Donald Trump supporter.

11. Jenna Jameson

That's right! Legendary adult star and author Jenna Jameson is not afraid to show support to her newly President-Elect Donald Trump. Jenna has received backlash from fans and others stating that Donald Trump is awful and would most likely treat her wrong and objectify her, especially after the controversial Trump tape was leaked. Jameson has defended herself by responding that they are naive for thinking Trump would treat her bad. She tweeted on saying, “I know Mr. Trump, and he’s never been anything but kind and respectful to me.” Jenna Jameson is someone who is not afraid to speak her own words. After the election, she still shows her support for the new President-elect and shuts down the haters and critics who dare to "educate" her on the president-elect foreign policies.

12. Steve Harvey

Thought it'd be stupid for an African-American to endorse Donald Trump? No, sorry. I guess you are pretty much racist by your definition to think that only minorities can support Democrats and not Republicans. While the comedian has made jokes last year on the newly President-Elect, he never said he hated him.“Change can only happen when we sit at the table. If we sit at the table, then we can have a say as to what’s to be eaten on the menu, I have an obligation to take a seat at the table when invited.”

13. Kanye West

Now, this, this may be a big surprise to many but I pretty much had a feeling this relationship between Yeezy and Trump will happen after his presidential win. Kanye's speech during his concert on how he didn't vote, but if he would have, he would have voted for Trump shocked his fans. His fans didn't take it very well. They thought he was going insane and unfortunately, the media seemingly were buying it too. After being treated in the hospital to have some mental therapy because they think supporting Trump is an illness, he walked out and went to meet up with you guessed it; the Presidential-Elect at Trump Towers in New York. This event caught headlines and everyone was going crazy. Twitter started to say Kanye West is going insane and that they will never listen to him anymore because he is friends with a "racist". Yeah, so much for being "fans"... Apparently, the meeting was in regarding of multicultural issues, bullying, and violence in Chicago. Seems like there are many people who truly don't care about those issues, but hey, keep showing those fight videos World Star HipHop.

14. Arnold Schwarzenegger

TV and Film Personality and former California Governer Arnold has changed his thoughts on the newly President-Elect Donald Trump. Last year he stated he would not vote for him and also encouraged Republicans to vote for someone else. Well the American people called it and now Trump will become the 45th leader, but that is not bothering Schwarzenegger anymore. On his visit to the Today Show, the host of NBC's The New Celebrity Apprentice was asked about the discord leading to Trump's inauguration. His message for those Americans who are complaining was simply, "Stop Whining." He told Matt Lauer, "What's changed is that now he is elected, and now it is very important that we all support the president, and that we all come together and we stop whining and it becomes one nation.” It would not be a surprise if liberals start attacking the new host after hearing that.

15. Rob Schneider

This is not much of a surprise. Comedian Rob is a proud Republican and loves to make strong jokes about the democratic party stating he has never seen democrats so mad since the time the Republicans freed the slaves. Oh, harsh. His tweets just show how much he endorses the new President-Elect. But of course, many liberal journalists and writers are not fond with his tweets which are why they like to make fun of him, but I guess it's only Republicans who are the stupid and racist ones right? 

16. Nicole Kidman

After the Meryl Streep speech at the Golden Globes that made more liberals love her more which then they waited till the newly President Elect can tweet about it before they attack him, you'd think Hollywood now is just a bunch of liberal celebrities who just wanna bash their new leader; you were once again wrong. Recently in an interview with BBC2, Nicole Kidman told Victoria Derbyshire that Americans should accept Trump being president. “I just say he’s now elected and we, as a country, need to support who’s ever the president because that’s what the country’s based on,” she said. “Whatever, however that happened, he’s there and let’s go.” Nicole who is strongly for Women's Rights says that he is president and we need to start supporting him. If we try to remove the pilot who's piloting the plane, we are all going to crash. Of course, she got some backlash from people for her words. Even director Josh Wheldon expressed his thought on her interview by posting a meme of her comparing her to a doll advocating that she is "Trump's puppet".  Well, Josh is a feminist, so I am not surprised he would express more of his "loving" heart to the beloved actress.

There are more other performers and celebrities who endorsed President-Elect Donald Trump, but what does this show about the rest who oppose him? They express their true hearts. All these for Trump want something in common and that is that they want, change. From the crimes in Chicago to the border security in the south, to the poverty in Louisiana, these celebrities care about the American people. Like them or hate them, many of them want to ride the Trump train and help him make America great again. Do the ones who oppose him don't care about those issues? Maybe yes, maybe no. If you can't say, "Listen, I don't like him but he is now the president and me as an artist; maybe I can help contribute to making the country better." Then this reveals your heart. There are other great artists who probably do like Trump and will, later on, support the newly President-Elect. Artists like Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift. Many won't because it will hurt their fans but what is better hurting, people who you truly don't know personally or people you will never know but might die from starvation and poverty? That's the question for you musicians. And for you readers, whoever cuts you out of their lives and unfriends you because you agree with Trump after telling them the issues in the country, you finally got to see their hearts. 

UPDATE: Donald Trump is the new President of the United States

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

25 Weirdest Returns at a Retail Store

You think working in retail is fun?

Now as someone who has worked in retail in clothing stores, I have encountered customers who tried to return items that are not even part of the store or even items from the store that clearly is from years ago.

So why not I share with you guys other people's stories on receiving weirdest returns at the retail store they work in.


A Reddit user by the name of jb2255, posted that he saw a person returning a Sony Boom Box at Costco with the receipt included, that is from 10 years ago... I don't even think Costco has that type of warranty for that period of time.



It's not one of the weirdest returns, but I decided to include this. Apparently, someone tried to return a winter jacket to a J.C. Penney store that was not even purchased there in the first place... The reason they tried to return the jacket was because it didn't fit.

Okay, who else from retail has dealt with those sleazy customers that were trying to return an item that is not from your store? I know I have!



Yes. You heard it right. It seems like Costco is number 1 for being the store that receives the most weirdest things.

After buying, and most likely ate the $200 vacuum-packed steak, the Costco member returned a container of cooked bones and fat. 



A man in Florida decided to test Costco's return policy by returning a 10-year old ping pong table. He explains that because the table is outdoor rated, that it should it should be used outdoors. Given the conditions in Flordia, he stated that the metal frames became rusted, and some of the supports started to collapse. If you want to read Costco's response, here is the link: https://consumerist.com/2010/02/23/even-costcos-return-policy-has-limits/



This actually happened recently... The picture says it all.

Source: @woofjustin


Where do these people get the sense they can return an item that they finish using or rather, ran out? Reddit user mysterious_baker stated that when he was managing at a Dollar General, a customer came in and try to return batteries. His reason for returning the batteries was because they ran out of electricity. He bought them 2 years ago.



A Reddit user by the name of isadanceaholic states on the forum site that they had a customer wanting to return a raincoat because "it wasn't raining outside anymore".



Reddit user NinjaShira stated that a woman bought a plastic baby bib, and not reading the instructions that stated "hand wash, not machine wash", the lady threw it in the machine, then into the dryer which the plastic melted and the bib was destroyed. Her attempt in returning the piece was denied.



At Costco, a guy tried to return a lobster. The man bought him alive and for the purpose of it was to use it for a party at the end of the week. He decided to freeze the lobster alive. A friend then told him he shouldn't have done that to the poor lobster, so then he decided to return it.


10. A SOCK

No, not a pair of socks, not a pack, just a friggin sock.

Another Reddit user by name of Npeo talks about how a woman came into the store and wanted to return a sock. The employee asked her why and she explains that the threads are messed up. They also asked her where are the rest of the pack, and she replied that her husband is wearing the other sock. Unfortunately, they let her return the sock, and receive a credit of 1/12 of the price.



Here's the funny part? The pants were returned by the same woman that was returning the sock.



If you think people won't go far to return a food item expired a decade ago, you are wrong.



Reddit user jb2255 writes about a woman that wanted to return an empty bottle of wine at Costco. The reason for it was because it gave her a headache. You can understand why she returned an empty wine bottle. Don't get ideas.


I guess she was not satisfied.


Just imagine the stress going on in the employee's head having to deal with this customer.



A lady returned a bag of dog food to the pet store because it killed her dog... Now before you call me out, hear is the story. The bag that was returned, was not even opened...

Poor dog, though.



This lady returned a purchased carton of Almond Milk because she stated that she has an allergy to cow's milk. The workers tried to explain to her that doesn't have dairy but she wouldn't budge.


18. GPS

A lady returned a GPS to the store she purchased. She claimed she didn't need it because her son got into an accident the day before. Just imagine the patience these workers need to have dealing with these customers.



Reddit user SmashCity28 wrote that once he worked in Lowes during his last year in college, a couple came with a receipt to return their dead plants. But, without the dead plants. It took minutes for him to explain to the woman the procedure on how to get the dead plants from the ground... Oh, the patience.



There is nothing to explain here. Though the author says that if return used, the company would sell it for cheap.



Reddit user iheartrms called the police after receiving this unexpected return: The large safe, which was originally purchased online, was returned to the store smelling like marijuana.



By far the oldest return I have ever heard. Reddit user hobovalentine wrote that he received back a 15-year-old pressure washer and the reason for the return was because it stopped working.



Just imagine the stress.

"I was on the cart crew for 8 months. The worst I saw was a used chicken coop that had started falling apart. The thing was covered in chicken [feces]. Everyone stared as the guy and his family brought it in. Apparently, he had bought it online the year before. Naturally, the front end manager gave him a full refund." - syst3m1c



Now you may think this is okay. Probably a small loose of thread or just a small lipstick stain. I was working at Ann Taylor and this lady who occasionally shops there returns an item. Because of our return policy, we gave her money back. After she left, my assistant manager thinks this is sketchy and believes this has been worn. I smelled it and boy was I stupid to do that. It smelled like bad odor with a scent of perfume and there were lipstick stains on the chest area. I hope Ann Taylor changed their return policies by now.



To end this list of the weirdest returns at a retail, I give you the best for last.

Reddit user Xiannrica wrote that they encounter a lady who tried to return a 13-year-old fish. Yes, more than a decade.

Apparently, the lady purchased the fish then froze it and forgot about it for the past decade. When she was denied, she started to threaten the store saying she will call corporate and head office. And you think they allowed it? You darn well they did!


And there you have it. Now let's hope we don't have to deal with customers like these and also tip those retail workers who deal with this nonsense.