Monday, 20 March 2017


When I was against Trump, I tended to understand Antifa and any groups that were anti-Trump. I understood their pain because I thought they did not like a guy who is "racist", they did not like Trump because he is an "Islamaphobe". Man, glad I left that bandwagon. 

It is sad that these people are so stubborn. The great thing is the fact you are Hispanic and actually take the time to read facts and look at literature, you tend to be a great thinker and debater. And I have seen Hispanic Trump supporters who explain what his comments mean to those who are against him.

I mean, if it wasn't for latino Trump supporters, my cousins in Chicago, my ex-girlfriend who's Muslim and my best friend, I would think Trump is a racist, sexist, islamophobe who hates everyone but just himself and his family. So I thank them for having me look at a different perspective and to go in depth with these articles and news that are Trump-related.

So just as I said in my last article, I am no Trump supporter. There are many policies and views of him I don't agree with. But I'm no longer in that majority of millennials who receive their news from Huffington Post's NowThis or Buzzfeed. I tend to look at facts and call out the bias and the leftist narratives of those outlets.

For example, while it is clear that Antifa is just corrupt kids who are brainwashed to believe their ideology is right. All these outlets like Salon, Vanity Fair, Slate, Vox, AJ Plus, NowThis don't condemn them or even refer them to a terrorist group. They just refer them as aggressive protesters. Like no wonder why these outlets are starting to be called out more and more every day. 

Just take it in on their headlines on the riot at Berkely which was where Milo Yinnopoulus was going to speak on Multiculturalism. 

Oh Buzzfeed, you had one job. You could have condemned these attacks but you rather stick to your narratives and include Trump's tweets. Thanks. I hope you know those ANTIFA members are part of your viewers.

Leave it to Slate, the site that will tell you the truth on the Trump administration. Very quiet when the NSA were caught lying that they don't spy on the public and how Obama sent money to countries that killed Christians and Gays. Great way.

You admit that there were smoke bombs and that bonfires were started. Yet you call these starters just protesters. See where I am going?

But wait, maybe Huffington Post can actually admit ANTIFA's wrong doings.

Well, I guess I was wrong, yet again.

As you can see, these outlets call these rioters as protesters. No, those are not protesters, these are protesters!

Free speech is dying out in the college campuses.

Yesterday I went to a protest at Nathan Phillips Square in Downtown Toronto. This protest was basically part 2 of the 'Stop Motion 103' which I attended the first past a couple weeks ago. 

I saw the same old thing. ANTIFA and the crowd chanting the same old lines... "Hey hey, ho, ho, White Supremacist got to go!", "Nazi Scum, get off our streets!", and the famous of them all... "REFUGEES ARE WELCOME HERE".

But here's the irony. These tolerant liberals were screaming to Indians, immigrants and yes, refugees too! I mean, I thought Antifa were idiotic kids in the states but really?... there are actually some with no knowledge on the history of Refugees and Immigrants. 

Protesters greeting each other.

Then you hear the protesters back! "We don't hate refugees!! What are you saying??", I went to several protesters and ask why are they protesting, they replied, "I don't agree with M-103", and "I just want free speech." Of course, that did not stop the tolerant left to call them racist, sexist, nazi scums. 

The horror, to see an elderly Asian lady, Indian immigrant have to look at these kids and young adults calling them Nazi scums racists, and white supremacists baffles me to the complete extent.

During the protest, Saudia Arabian refugee Sandra Solomon gave no crap dancing on top of her native flag. She knows what she went through with their false ideology of women. Heck, if I were in her position, I would keep stomping on that flag of a nation that treats women like pigs. 

After some interviews, journalist Lauren Southern was there and does what she does best. Infiltrate the area where ANTIFA is chanting. I have seen in her old videos that people actually have assaulted her and thrown stuff at her so I made the choice in following her and defending her if anyone tries to attack her. Boy, was that an experience. Liberals were creating that siren sound with their bullhorn and chanting the same words to her. I tried to put my hand on her side while filming so no one tries to physically touch her but the people there were aggressive. I can't believe there are people who are neighbors, workers and are related with these hateful beings. Fortunately for Lauren, officers came and broke the gathering before it could have gotten worse. I, however, was outside of the circle and could not enter the protest inside until I went the other way and the officer was cool enough to let me in.

I thought it was over but then I overheard the protesters that they are going to march to CBC building to show the hypocrisy of the liberal network. And so they started to march. Then the ANTIFA were following us. One ripped a sign from a protester and left. Then while walking to Bay St. a girl with a black coat and fur just wooshed and grabbed a guy's sign but she got taken down. Then after while walking, a communist who I tried to debate earlier in the first protest started to yell with his bullhorn and so one protester grabbed his sign and ripped it. It was just like a movie, the protesters had enough and ripped any hate sign that said words like "Nazi Scum off our streets", and dropped the stick on the floor. Bold moves. I then, kept walking and saw ANTIFA try to block the way for the protesters to go through. You gotta thank the Police Officers for defending the protesters and just raming ANTIFA through with their bikes. They gave no crap. A member of them thought they would win but with the bike tires hitting her chest, it was like almost an Apollo & Rocky knockout.

Soon after, we made it to the CBC building and the officers already created a barrier to protect us from the real fascist. They kept shouting the same names. It's like if they were a broken record, they weren't giving up but it seems like they were dying. The protesters then were chanting "Trudeau must go!". They were tired of PM Trudeau on being such a snowflake just trying to win popularity vote. Then the protesters started to sing the national anthem. They were not afraid to sing the patriotic song. Immigrants, refugees, natives loved the moment standing together, unitying against the government and hate. "Stand on Guard, Stand on Guard" they kept shouting after finishing the anthem. The ANTIFA were just doing what they do best. Just calling us racist, nazi scums, you get the picture? After, the leaders who organized the march were talking to the officer in how they will leave the protest. They deviced a plan to block the area so ANTIFA can't go through and told the protesters to put their signs in a box and start to go their seperate ways. I went to the other side of the street and saw the crowd dispersing. After putting my camera away, I saw Lauren Southern once last time and she gave me her final thoughts on how ANTIFA is just doing the same old thing. It's just a waste time for them. I then said goodbye to her and left. While walking to my station I look at all these homeless people sleeping and I say, "These people are fighting for no free speech while these people are fighting the temperature to sleep on the street?" It's just not right.

So to conclude this, will ANTIFA go far? I don't think so. But I think there is something that I should stop saying about them.

And that is they are not anti-fascist. They are just brutally the real fascists.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Why I Don't Support President Donald Trump

I like him but I don't support him.

"Wait, how?" "That's not possible." "Your statuses and posts are about him!", "You debated with me why is a good president!"

Let me explain this.

I like Starbucks, but I don't support them. I don't support the Kardashian family but I like some of them such as Kendall and Kourtney. I like Microsoft but by my recent purchases, I don't support them bur rather support Samsung and Apple.

See where I am going?

I don't support Donald Trump as President of the United States but I do like him. 

I will explain why I like Donald Trump but why I don't support him.

I like the Donald because he sticks out of the status quo. For decades, the Republicans and Democrats have ruined the American people. From Health Care to the Economy, the states have been suffering from the actions of their former leaders of the country.

George Bush created the Iraq & Afganistan war and was basically the reason for the recession that occurred. Barrack Obama, although captured Bin Laden, spent more on the war and has funded armies in the Middle East to overthrow "dictatorship" such as the leaders in Syria. Seriously, you thought overthrowing the Libyan government would help Libya but it became a failed state, and now it has become a country where terrorist abide. The hypocrisy. And who knows, if the Iraq War didn't happen, ISIS would be unlikely to exist.

So what does President Trump think about this? Well, he is against it. On an interview with Chuck todd, he explains on why are we sending millions of dollars to a group in the Middle East we don't even know. The group is most likely, the CIA-trained rebels whose objective is to overthrow the government. My favorite reason liking him is because he knows the truth of Syria. If any of you actually look at facts and read Middle East Articles, the mainstream media has lied to you. They want you to think that the Syrian rebels are the good guy but he explains that we don't even know the reveals and we are spending billions of dollars to send weapons to them.

  I wouldn't be surprised if Edward Snowden praised Trump hearing this.

Truth is, while many Iraqis despise Bush, many Yemenis and Syrians hate Obama too. They have seen what their predator drones and bombs did to their villages. All the man wants to do is "bomb the hell" out of ISIS. 

He has spoken very aggressively on Islamic extremist groups. He even said that he wants the best for his American people and also for the Muslims who are caught in the crossfire out there. Well, that is so islamophobic of him. 

The fact that Trump's main objective is to clear out the country's debt, have a better healthcare system, defeat ISIS and bring back more jobs doesn't sound bad. The problem is where his words get twisted into thinking in a bad way which then people take it as a threat or as a verbal assault.

I mean, think about it? If you don't watch the full rally where Donald Trump talks about the reporter and you just see the CNN Headline that he "mocked the reporter" and that's all you see on every news station, no duh you will believe it too. But if you don't fact check and understand what is happening, then you will never know. So I don't blame a person for thinking he is a racist, misogynist, Nazi, fascist, sexist, oh man, you get my point. 

So, Donny is an outsider. Has no political experience, none whatsoever but is one of the biggest billionaires who has more than a hundred businesses. So you have to think? A politician with poor experience or a business guy who speaks on how much he wants to make America great again? And that's who you would choose to run the country. The problem as I said earlier, is that Trump is an outsider, he doesn't fit the status quo. He doesn't think or talk like a Politician. He is not afraid to have no filter. So the Democrats hate him, the GOP hates him, Cooperations and the Media Establishment. Hence the reason why they aired more of his Tweets than the airtime on Hillary Clinton's deleted emails or the DNC rigging the primaries. So the majority of America hate him, even Hollywood, which I have spoken about. And the majority of Americans receive their news from the liberal outlets and from Hollywood so whatever they speak on Trump, yes many hate him. It's no surprise.

But I will tell you why I don't support Donald Trump. I don't support him because of some of his policies. 

The policies are these:

1. Deploy military to South China Seas.

Like what's the point? 

2. Rebuilding 350 Navy Ships.

Hey, I love the military, the Army and Navy yes. But first, find a way to kill the school debt and national debt and let's get our Veterans off the streets. Rebuild 350 Navy ships sounds like billions of dollars which right now we shouldn't be spending.


Seriously, I don't like it. Mexican farmers went out of business, 700 thousand manufacture jobs were lost. Either modify it or just end it. This affects me as a Canadian citizen since this act involves trading goods from the States to up here in the North. 

Other reasons why I don't support Trump is because when he implemented his temporary ban on the concerned countries that are a terrorist watch, he did not add Saudia Arabia who has killed people in Syria and Yemen, and also Qatar. I hate their laws, the way they treat women, the way free speech is not implemented and the fact they don't allow Christians or Jews to practice their faith or build a church or synagogue. I really hope Trump shows that King that he is not playing games.

His relationship with Syria and Russia. I hope Trump does not get influenced by the GOP to believe that those countries are enemies. False propaganda has gotten Obama to believe they are a threat, and so I hope Trump does not follow the same steps because the truth is the Mainstream Media has manipulated us to believe that they are the enemy because of false propaganda. I mean, the Oscars awarded a film of The White Helmets, the organization that associates with Al Queda but is portrayed as a heroic group. Shake my head.

I mean, ever since the election, the level of activity of me looking for information and history on the country and on politics, it has increased drastically. I like to read on people's policies, I like to understand the purpose of the policy and read in depth. I like reading both liberal and conservative views on a policy. Look at the language of the writer or author, the context, and their message. I like to judge someone based on what their policies are, not because of how I feel. 

I was always raised to love people despite their beliefs and views. Now I don't hate Donald Trump for the policies that I disagree with. I like him, I have faith that he can truly make America great again for each and every American. 

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

My First Experience being at a Free Speech Protest

Ever thought the only time you would be called a fascist or a Nazi is because you were playing that role in a theater play? Me neither.

Being called a Nazi, racist, fascist, I just started to think about the historic figures and all the assignments I did in History class regarding WWII. And I started to remember the topics of the German Nazi party and the Fascist Party in Italy.

But I'm not trying to defend those parties and ideas. I do understand how these parties came to power. I didn't just see the negative stuff they did, I also saw the positive part of what their party provided for their country. 

After watching a video about Fascism by journalist Lauren Southern, even my brief idea of fascism was wrong. In the video, she even admitted that she had the wrong idea too which is something I admire. It's great to see a journalist admit their error and corrected themselves. After that video, I briefly read articles about fascism. I learned that the fascists in the mid 19th centuries idolized figures such as Julius Caesar because he led a revolution that overthrew an old government to establish a new government which then he can have absolute power. Common fascist leader, Benito Mussolini wanted that type of dictatorship to take full control of Italy and so he accomplished that. 

Now that I understand the term fascist. My face when I hear a celebrity or a liberal call President Trump a fascist, is surprised just like this meme.

So that was my whole face when I heard these protestors call me a fascist and also a Nazi scum. I pretty much laughed and just kept filming the event.

But let's start in the beginning. While walking to the event, my whole legs were freezing, my body was warm, but I already knew I will encounter cold hearts later. I walked around seeing protestors and Antifa preparing to cheer on the speakers. Many of them were continuing on to use terms like fascist and white supremacist referencing the group that was coming to protest M-103, President Donald Trump, and French Candidate Marine Le Pen. As I was holding out my poster that said "Jesus loves every race, every person with a different belief, and also includes Donald Trump, I received different faces. I had my photo taken and was asked for an interview. I think these people thought I was a loving Christian who loves everyone but will be intolerant towards people who support free speech; they were wrong. While listening to these supporters, they started to refer false narratives that I wasn't scared to call them out such as 'Trump's "Muslim Ban" and also the group being white supremacist and Islamaphobes. These organizers did not do their homework.

When one speaker kept referencing Trump, I held my sign and cheered. A man approaches me saying "I don't think Jesus loves Trump bud." and so I replied, "No matter who, Jesus loves them.". I was not afraid to debate him, but he backed down. The speakers continue to talk. 

Then, it happened. Everyone looked back and started to walk where another group was entering the area. Then I realize those people were the protesters who were against M-103. I started to run towards their area, I already saw from the left, camera members and officers running to arrest an Antifa member who attacked a protestor. Then, officers with bicycles started to form a perimeter with their bikes to block the protestors from entering the circle. A Free speech activist was preaching while another activist Sandra Solomon was wearing a burkha to represent the oppression Muslim women receive in countries that are under Sharia Law. The anti-free speech group was not having it. While Sandra Solomon was talking about her story living in Saudia Arabia who then became an apostasy, and now her head is wanted; the crowd outside the circle were yelling out "Shame!" and "Bull Shit!".

It just kept going on and on. Most of these people did not want to hear what the protestors had to say. They just kept yelling out the same terms. Racist, sexist, hate speech, fascist, Nazi scum. "Nazi scum gets off our street" the crowd yelled to a guy claiming he is Jewish and was confused. It is like these people had no morality and values. Like, is it crazy these people live around the city believing in a false narrative that if you don't believe in their views, you are considered a Nazi or a Nazi supporter? 

Just watch these clips to see for yourself.

So look at this. Most of these people who are speaking to the Pro-Refugee crowd are immigrants and refugees as well!

Wait! What? How? How is that possible? But just as you watch the video and hear their side, you will understand why they oppose M-103. Most of these protestors were immigrants who were Asians, and Indians. But why? The reason is because these people escape from war-torn countries, they came from countries where laws that are similar to the passed motion is established, and it had some serious life consequences for the civilians.

Dear anti-free speech people, if you have never escaped from countries where terrorism exists and you would get killed if you don't follow their religious laws, you have no right to raise your voice calling these immigrants racist or Nazi scums. I mean, you do because of free speech but you just show your cowardly character. You live in a country where you can express your speech. So if you are going to suppress someone for wanting to have their free speech because they never had that in their own country, then you are no better than those fascist extremists in those war-torn countries.

But not all M-103 supporters were all negative and calling us racist. There was a guy who agreed with me on some issues and disagreed with others. Unfortunately, my phone died when I was going to ask him relatable questions so it was not captured on video.

Then, I found a man who was already talking to an Indian man on why he opposes M-103.

I tried to explain to him why we should sympathize with the immigrants and I feel like he was coming across but with the group around him yelling and screaming, it went fairly okay. I hope though that the discussion with him opened up his head to see where the protesters are coming from. 

After that, I saw a camera guy and a girl with a hijab who seem to look familiar. I thought she was with the protestors but actually, she was a Vice journalist. The same journalist who was at the Free Speech Rally I went a couple of weeks ago who covered the event and refered it as an anti-Muslim, hate speech event. Of course, she didn't recognize me. I even asked them if they feel that Vice is more liberal and if they have a narrative, the camera guy explains a bit but then they had to go. Here is the clip.

After that, I just kept hearing the anti-free speech crowd yell while the protesters were explaining their motives. 

A Muslim girl who was live streaming was debating a few men on Sharia Law. Though the men there kept instigating which probably made her feel uncomfortable. The debate was neither sided. She laughed at him with her friend when he did not know all the Sharia Laws. But she was quiet and had no respond when the man asked her why Jihad involves physical combat against enemies and seizing their territory. I say it was truly fair game. I asked her then if she lived in these countries under Sharia Law and she said no but she studied it. I then told her many countries that have Muslim population support it. I later explain that these refugees will come here with their values and believe their way of living is best. Their Islamic views are different than the views of a western Muslim here. She understood but then was later confronted by another guy to explain why does she support Sharia Law. I saw the time and realized I had to go so I told her it was a good talk and to be blessed. I then left the protest while the group was already packing their stuff to go.

A photo of the friend of the Muslim woman, who was livestreaming the protest. She was talking to one of the debating men in the protest. 

After the protest, I was walking towards the nearest subway. I couldn't go the way I came from in the beginning due to being discovered by the anti-free speech groups. I already saw some protestors accomapanied by police officers so these groups can't attack them. When walking across the street, I see a homeless man sleeping on the side walk. Yes, I seen that a lot walking in dowtown Toronto. But with the tempaerature as low as -18. I couldn't believe it. This gentleman was sleeping in peace in this cold while at Nathan Phillips Square, people are yelling slurs at those who believe in Free Speech. Where did our loving society go? When are we going to make Canada love again? 

Friday, 3 March 2017

Dear Hollywood

Dear Hollywood, I am not going to tell you to shut up.

I am not going to tell you to the shut up. Frankly, it's because you have the right to say anything. Heck, if Emma Watson is a believer of the Scientology faith, then go ahead.

But here is the problem. 

Hollywood stars, I love you. You guys make my day, week, month, year and life. From DiCarpio's performance in the Titanic to Scarlet Johanson being a badass in the Marvel movies. You guys never fail to entertain me with great art. But you guys fail in recognizing real news from the fake or biased news.

Here is the thing, these artists, TV, Movie stars and Musicians are always busy. They got work to do and all they have to do is worry about themselves, and their family or the company that they own. So they won't fact check on something if they hear on the news.

KTLA is the most watched news channel in Los Angeles. Probably one of the biggest news networks in a County that has the most liberal population. Their top newspapers are the LA Times and the San Francisco Chronicle, both liberal. The county is pretty many democrats because 72% voted for Hillary Clinton. 

So it is not a surprise that Hollywood, well most of them hate Donald Trump. When they check news, they probably don't look at facts and research, look at the background of source the news is giving them, they just jump to conclusion. Earlier this year, I wrote a post that lists celebrities who support POTUS or simply has said something positive about him. The difference between them and the rest of these celebrities who support Trump are that these supporters know him personally. From Mike Tyson, Wayne Newton to Jenna Jameson, they voice their support on the President because they know him well that he is not a sexist, racist, fascist man the media portrays him to be. 

But that is the problem. While liberal Hollywood believe what the media reports on Trump by just a clip and not the full video, of course, they will hate him, of course, they will stand up to the President.

On Sunday, the Oscars didn't seem like the annual award show I use to watch to just hear one of my favorite celebrity to cheer on their co-workers. It was basically an event where people had a platform to attack Trump and his policies.

Jimmy Kimmel the host began by reminding the audience that now Trump is President, the attacks on the Oscar calling it racist is implying that Trump is racist. 

Now Jimmy wasn't always a Trump hater, he did make a video on his show seeing if Hillary voters would actually agree with Trump cutting taxes. 

So it sounded like Kimmel was in the middle in the time and had a bit biased against Clinton possibly. But it all changed after last year and when Trump took office. So just like other night host attacking Trump, Kimmel gave his input and we already knew that him hosting the Oscars would be a greater platform.

This attack that Kimmel orchestrated was poor and just shows the character of Kimmel. Just imagine if he did it when Obama was in the house, boy will he be outed. But that is his narrative. You can't blame him. Most celebrities gave their political speech in the Oscars. Whereas the immigrant winner said he hates borders and walls, to the representative of the Iranian director who gave his speech saying the "Muslim Ban" was disrespectful. But of course, the audience applauded, of course they cheered them on. But just like deluded liberals, they don't look at the facts. 

Iranian director Asghar Farhadi was praised of course by the liberal media.

Weird, Hollywood praises a director who lives in a country where terrorism happens and if you are gay, you are to be killed? And he is preaching about democracy and unity?

What really got me to turn off my TV was when they gave an award to the controversy documentary film 'White Helmets'. The White Helmets are a group of "heroes" in Syria who help out those caught in the war. What Hollywood does not know is that they are a tool from AL Queda and the rebels to have people believe that the Syrian government is killing the civilians. Well Hollywood, you guys are great at acting right?

  But I mean, if the mainstream media will portray them as "heroes", Hollywood will just follow and buy into their bullcrap.

But that is the thing. Do you think Ryan Gosling will actually look up Syrian outlets and learn about real news in Syria than what he hears on CNN? Do you think Jimmy Kimmel will actually look up the order of the Obama administration and explain that the "Muslim Ban" was never created by Trump? No, he will not. It will ruin his employer's narratives and that is ABC. Does Meryl Steep care about the families like of Jamiel Shaw who was killed by an illegal immigrant? Not a fat chance.

We have to understand that Trump does not hate illegal immigrants, he just wants them to go through the process to prevent incidents like that. Had that illegal immigrant were to be deported a long time ago, the Shaw family would likely have their son just like many other families who lost someone by an illegal immigrant. 

But does Hollywood really care about refugees and illegal immigration? They believe that "we are better" than racist and facist, that America is "divided" without them. 

Many independent journalists, commentators and other twitter users, have called these artists and mainstream stars out. Stars such as the award winning author J.K Rowling. Recently, she tried to express her support for refugees.

The "alt-right" as liberals would say or you can call them the children of the meme Pepe challenged Rowling to bring in refugees into  her 18 bedroom home.

And they are not afraid to make a video and call her out on it!

Jk Rowling was again caught in the Meme kingdom when she tried to attack popular Youtuber PewDewPie. She tweeted out a link believing PewDewPie supports fascism and also Nazis. The fans later found a photo of her in a Nazi uniform and taunt her with that. She later replied to that but still, no reply on the request to bring refugees to her 18 bedroom home? Hmm.. weird.

You see Hollywood? I'm not going to tell you to shut up. But I am going to tell you to dig deep in politics if you wanna add in your 2 cents. And sure, you could talk trash about your president. We have free speech. But when you got a platform of people believing in every word of yours; that is like a weapon.

But not all of Hollywood were cheering on the Anti Trump attacks at the Oscar. Recently, Jennifer Garner voiced her support in helping the President with the poverty in her native state. Also, Matthew McConaughey voiced his support saying it's time to embrace the newly elected President.

But I think the difference between these celebrities and the rest are that these celebrities want to give the president a chance. They saw the outcome of 8 years and maybe they were not happy. 

Actor Mark Whalberg said that celebrities need to shut up about politics. “A lot of celebrities, did, do and shouldn’t [give their political opinions],” he later goes on to say, “They might buy your CD or watch your movie but you don’t put food on their table. You don’t pay their bills. A lot of Hollywood is living in a bubble. They’re pretty out of touch with the common person, the everyday guy out there providing for their family.”

I think that is pretty much the best response from a celebrity that I have ever heard. Hollywood doesn't understand that these folks who voted for Trump are not Islamaphobic or racist, they are just tired of struggling in paying their bills every month, they are tired of paying for health insurance that they don't want. They are tired that they are losing jobs. But Jimmy Kimmel, Jennifer Lawrence, you guys are worth millions. And the funny thing is if you guys are worth millions, you are capable of taking a trip to Syria and see the truth. I mean, the mainstream media is not talking about Aleppo anymore and I wonder why?

It is funny how all these celebrites are trying to get all political but did not respond to when Obama gave billions to Saudia Arabia to arm terrorist groups and also killed thousands with drones and bombs. But now you give a rats ass that these countries that ISIS has stated many of them support the group are banned? Please.

If a brain surgeon is doing their job, you have no right to tell them their job because it is not your position. Just like politicans. Unless you have studied and look at facts, research about the position and the policies, yes, you can give your input and opinion. But don't be spreading lies to fit your agenda. It just makes you bad in history books.

I believe the more attacks Trump and his team get, the more big time celebrites who don't stand with these attacks will start defending him. It will happen and yes, they will be getting attacked by the tolerant liberals. Just a few days ago, Candace Cameron who plays DJ in Fuller House expressed her thoughts on President Donald Trump's speech at Congress on Twitter. Just a few seconds, she started to get hate all over.

 Not suprised.
Well, she does have BLM on her name. Think she follows Shaun King?

But I feel like we can learn a lot from the Fuller House star.

Lets be honest. There are quiet Trump supporters that are in Hollywood but are afraid to voice their support to lose fans or start getting threats. I mean, Steve Harvey had to learn what it is. I have faith Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and Tori Kelly will have a positive opinion on the newly president.

So to you celebrities and other artists like Chrissy Teigan who has a hate for Trump calling him a racist without even meeting him  like legend adult actress Jenna Jameson has, you need to shut up. Because if you can't tell how the media will pepurate the news to attack Trump and his team, then you shouldn't add 'Politics' to your resume. If you don't spend time understanding his policy or better yet hear from one of his supporters, then your opinion is invalid and all you are doing is attracting those who show no sympathy to Trump, victims who were killed by illegals and the Syrians by Rebels.

Futhermore, if you never criticize Obama for the deaths of the soldiers in Bengazzi but criticize Trump for the death of a soldier under his term? Then you are a hypocrite. If you did not tweet about Obama's freeze for Iraqi refugees in 2011 but spam Trump for the tempoary ban that he ordered? You are a hypocrite.

And that is my no filter. I wanna hear your no filter. Can Hollywood talk about politics or should they at least do their research?