Wednesday, 8 March 2017

My First Experience being at a Free Speech Protest

Ever thought the only time you would be called a fascist or a Nazi is because you were playing that role in a theater play? Me neither.

Being called a Nazi, racist, fascist, I just started to think about the historic figures and all the assignments I did in History class regarding WWII. And I started to remember the topics of the German Nazi party and the Fascist Party in Italy.

But I'm not trying to defend those parties and ideas. I do understand how these parties came to power. I didn't just see the negative stuff they did, I also saw the positive part of what their party provided for their country. 

After watching a video about Fascism by journalist Lauren Southern, even my brief idea of fascism was wrong. In the video, she even admitted that she had the wrong idea too which is something I admire. It's great to see a journalist admit their error and corrected themselves. After that video, I briefly read articles about fascism. I learned that the fascists in the mid 19th centuries idolized figures such as Julius Caesar because he led a revolution that overthrew an old government to establish a new government which then he can have absolute power. Common fascist leader, Benito Mussolini wanted that type of dictatorship to take full control of Italy and so he accomplished that. 

Now that I understand the term fascist. My face when I hear a celebrity or a liberal call President Trump a fascist, is surprised just like this meme.

So that was my whole face when I heard these protestors call me a fascist and also a Nazi scum. I pretty much laughed and just kept filming the event.

But let's start in the beginning. While walking to the event, my whole legs were freezing, my body was warm, but I already knew I will encounter cold hearts later. I walked around seeing protestors and Antifa preparing to cheer on the speakers. Many of them were continuing on to use terms like fascist and white supremacist referencing the group that was coming to protest M-103, President Donald Trump, and French Candidate Marine Le Pen. As I was holding out my poster that said "Jesus loves every race, every person with a different belief, and also includes Donald Trump, I received different faces. I had my photo taken and was asked for an interview. I think these people thought I was a loving Christian who loves everyone but will be intolerant towards people who support free speech; they were wrong. While listening to these supporters, they started to refer false narratives that I wasn't scared to call them out such as 'Trump's "Muslim Ban" and also the group being white supremacist and Islamaphobes. These organizers did not do their homework.

When one speaker kept referencing Trump, I held my sign and cheered. A man approaches me saying "I don't think Jesus loves Trump bud." and so I replied, "No matter who, Jesus loves them.". I was not afraid to debate him, but he backed down. The speakers continue to talk. 

Then, it happened. Everyone looked back and started to walk where another group was entering the area. Then I realize those people were the protesters who were against M-103. I started to run towards their area, I already saw from the left, camera members and officers running to arrest an Antifa member who attacked a protestor. Then, officers with bicycles started to form a perimeter with their bikes to block the protestors from entering the circle. A Free speech activist was preaching while another activist Sandra Solomon was wearing a burkha to represent the oppression Muslim women receive in countries that are under Sharia Law. The anti-free speech group was not having it. While Sandra Solomon was talking about her story living in Saudia Arabia who then became an apostasy, and now her head is wanted; the crowd outside the circle were yelling out "Shame!" and "Bull Shit!".

It just kept going on and on. Most of these people did not want to hear what the protestors had to say. They just kept yelling out the same terms. Racist, sexist, hate speech, fascist, Nazi scum. "Nazi scum gets off our street" the crowd yelled to a guy claiming he is Jewish and was confused. It is like these people had no morality and values. Like, is it crazy these people live around the city believing in a false narrative that if you don't believe in their views, you are considered a Nazi or a Nazi supporter? 

Just watch these clips to see for yourself.

So look at this. Most of these people who are speaking to the Pro-Refugee crowd are immigrants and refugees as well!

Wait! What? How? How is that possible? But just as you watch the video and hear their side, you will understand why they oppose M-103. Most of these protestors were immigrants who were Asians, and Indians. But why? The reason is because these people escape from war-torn countries, they came from countries where laws that are similar to the passed motion is established, and it had some serious life consequences for the civilians.

Dear anti-free speech people, if you have never escaped from countries where terrorism exists and you would get killed if you don't follow their religious laws, you have no right to raise your voice calling these immigrants racist or Nazi scums. I mean, you do because of free speech but you just show your cowardly character. You live in a country where you can express your speech. So if you are going to suppress someone for wanting to have their free speech because they never had that in their own country, then you are no better than those fascist extremists in those war-torn countries.

But not all M-103 supporters were all negative and calling us racist. There was a guy who agreed with me on some issues and disagreed with others. Unfortunately, my phone died when I was going to ask him relatable questions so it was not captured on video.

Then, I found a man who was already talking to an Indian man on why he opposes M-103.

I tried to explain to him why we should sympathize with the immigrants and I feel like he was coming across but with the group around him yelling and screaming, it went fairly okay. I hope though that the discussion with him opened up his head to see where the protesters are coming from. 

After that, I saw a camera guy and a girl with a hijab who seem to look familiar. I thought she was with the protestors but actually, she was a Vice journalist. The same journalist who was at the Free Speech Rally I went a couple of weeks ago who covered the event and refered it as an anti-Muslim, hate speech event. Of course, she didn't recognize me. I even asked them if they feel that Vice is more liberal and if they have a narrative, the camera guy explains a bit but then they had to go. Here is the clip.

After that, I just kept hearing the anti-free speech crowd yell while the protesters were explaining their motives. 

A Muslim girl who was live streaming was debating a few men on Sharia Law. Though the men there kept instigating which probably made her feel uncomfortable. The debate was neither sided. She laughed at him with her friend when he did not know all the Sharia Laws. But she was quiet and had no respond when the man asked her why Jihad involves physical combat against enemies and seizing their territory. I say it was truly fair game. I asked her then if she lived in these countries under Sharia Law and she said no but she studied it. I then told her many countries that have Muslim population support it. I later explain that these refugees will come here with their values and believe their way of living is best. Their Islamic views are different than the views of a western Muslim here. She understood but then was later confronted by another guy to explain why does she support Sharia Law. I saw the time and realized I had to go so I told her it was a good talk and to be blessed. I then left the protest while the group was already packing their stuff to go.

A photo of the friend of the Muslim woman, who was livestreaming the protest. She was talking to one of the debating men in the protest. 

After the protest, I was walking towards the nearest subway. I couldn't go the way I came from in the beginning due to being discovered by the anti-free speech groups. I already saw some protestors accomapanied by police officers so these groups can't attack them. When walking across the street, I see a homeless man sleeping on the side walk. Yes, I seen that a lot walking in dowtown Toronto. But with the tempaerature as low as -18. I couldn't believe it. This gentleman was sleeping in peace in this cold while at Nathan Phillips Square, people are yelling slurs at those who believe in Free Speech. Where did our loving society go? When are we going to make Canada love again? 

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