Friday, 3 March 2017

Dear Hollywood

Dear Hollywood, I am not going to tell you to shut up.

I am not going to tell you to the shut up. Frankly, it's because you have the right to say anything. Heck, if Emma Watson is a believer of the Scientology faith, then go ahead.

But here is the problem. 

Hollywood stars, I love you. You guys make my day, week, month, year and life. From DiCarpio's performance in the Titanic to Scarlet Johanson being a badass in the Marvel movies. You guys never fail to entertain me with great art. But you guys fail in recognizing real news from the fake or biased news.

Here is the thing, these artists, TV, Movie stars and Musicians are always busy. They got work to do and all they have to do is worry about themselves, and their family or the company that they own. So they won't fact check on something if they hear on the news.

KTLA is the most watched news channel in Los Angeles. Probably one of the biggest news networks in a County that has the most liberal population. Their top newspapers are the LA Times and the San Francisco Chronicle, both liberal. The county is pretty many democrats because 72% voted for Hillary Clinton. 

So it is not a surprise that Hollywood, well most of them hate Donald Trump. When they check news, they probably don't look at facts and research, look at the background of source the news is giving them, they just jump to conclusion. Earlier this year, I wrote a post that lists celebrities who support POTUS or simply has said something positive about him. The difference between them and the rest of these celebrities who support Trump are that these supporters know him personally. From Mike Tyson, Wayne Newton to Jenna Jameson, they voice their support on the President because they know him well that he is not a sexist, racist, fascist man the media portrays him to be. 

But that is the problem. While liberal Hollywood believe what the media reports on Trump by just a clip and not the full video, of course, they will hate him, of course, they will stand up to the President.

On Sunday, the Oscars didn't seem like the annual award show I use to watch to just hear one of my favorite celebrity to cheer on their co-workers. It was basically an event where people had a platform to attack Trump and his policies.

Jimmy Kimmel the host began by reminding the audience that now Trump is President, the attacks on the Oscar calling it racist is implying that Trump is racist. 

Now Jimmy wasn't always a Trump hater, he did make a video on his show seeing if Hillary voters would actually agree with Trump cutting taxes. 

So it sounded like Kimmel was in the middle in the time and had a bit biased against Clinton possibly. But it all changed after last year and when Trump took office. So just like other night host attacking Trump, Kimmel gave his input and we already knew that him hosting the Oscars would be a greater platform.

This attack that Kimmel orchestrated was poor and just shows the character of Kimmel. Just imagine if he did it when Obama was in the house, boy will he be outed. But that is his narrative. You can't blame him. Most celebrities gave their political speech in the Oscars. Whereas the immigrant winner said he hates borders and walls, to the representative of the Iranian director who gave his speech saying the "Muslim Ban" was disrespectful. But of course, the audience applauded, of course they cheered them on. But just like deluded liberals, they don't look at the facts. 

Iranian director Asghar Farhadi was praised of course by the liberal media.

Weird, Hollywood praises a director who lives in a country where terrorism happens and if you are gay, you are to be killed? And he is preaching about democracy and unity?

What really got me to turn off my TV was when they gave an award to the controversy documentary film 'White Helmets'. The White Helmets are a group of "heroes" in Syria who help out those caught in the war. What Hollywood does not know is that they are a tool from AL Queda and the rebels to have people believe that the Syrian government is killing the civilians. Well Hollywood, you guys are great at acting right?

  But I mean, if the mainstream media will portray them as "heroes", Hollywood will just follow and buy into their bullcrap.

But that is the thing. Do you think Ryan Gosling will actually look up Syrian outlets and learn about real news in Syria than what he hears on CNN? Do you think Jimmy Kimmel will actually look up the order of the Obama administration and explain that the "Muslim Ban" was never created by Trump? No, he will not. It will ruin his employer's narratives and that is ABC. Does Meryl Steep care about the families like of Jamiel Shaw who was killed by an illegal immigrant? Not a fat chance.

We have to understand that Trump does not hate illegal immigrants, he just wants them to go through the process to prevent incidents like that. Had that illegal immigrant were to be deported a long time ago, the Shaw family would likely have their son just like many other families who lost someone by an illegal immigrant. 

But does Hollywood really care about refugees and illegal immigration? They believe that "we are better" than racist and facist, that America is "divided" without them. 

Many independent journalists, commentators and other twitter users, have called these artists and mainstream stars out. Stars such as the award winning author J.K Rowling. Recently, she tried to express her support for refugees.

The "alt-right" as liberals would say or you can call them the children of the meme Pepe challenged Rowling to bring in refugees into  her 18 bedroom home.

And they are not afraid to make a video and call her out on it!

Jk Rowling was again caught in the Meme kingdom when she tried to attack popular Youtuber PewDewPie. She tweeted out a link believing PewDewPie supports fascism and also Nazis. The fans later found a photo of her in a Nazi uniform and taunt her with that. She later replied to that but still, no reply on the request to bring refugees to her 18 bedroom home? Hmm.. weird.

You see Hollywood? I'm not going to tell you to shut up. But I am going to tell you to dig deep in politics if you wanna add in your 2 cents. And sure, you could talk trash about your president. We have free speech. But when you got a platform of people believing in every word of yours; that is like a weapon.

But not all of Hollywood were cheering on the Anti Trump attacks at the Oscar. Recently, Jennifer Garner voiced her support in helping the President with the poverty in her native state. Also, Matthew McConaughey voiced his support saying it's time to embrace the newly elected President.

But I think the difference between these celebrities and the rest are that these celebrities want to give the president a chance. They saw the outcome of 8 years and maybe they were not happy. 

Actor Mark Whalberg said that celebrities need to shut up about politics. “A lot of celebrities, did, do and shouldn’t [give their political opinions],” he later goes on to say, “They might buy your CD or watch your movie but you don’t put food on their table. You don’t pay their bills. A lot of Hollywood is living in a bubble. They’re pretty out of touch with the common person, the everyday guy out there providing for their family.”

I think that is pretty much the best response from a celebrity that I have ever heard. Hollywood doesn't understand that these folks who voted for Trump are not Islamaphobic or racist, they are just tired of struggling in paying their bills every month, they are tired of paying for health insurance that they don't want. They are tired that they are losing jobs. But Jimmy Kimmel, Jennifer Lawrence, you guys are worth millions. And the funny thing is if you guys are worth millions, you are capable of taking a trip to Syria and see the truth. I mean, the mainstream media is not talking about Aleppo anymore and I wonder why?

It is funny how all these celebrites are trying to get all political but did not respond to when Obama gave billions to Saudia Arabia to arm terrorist groups and also killed thousands with drones and bombs. But now you give a rats ass that these countries that ISIS has stated many of them support the group are banned? Please.

If a brain surgeon is doing their job, you have no right to tell them their job because it is not your position. Just like politicans. Unless you have studied and look at facts, research about the position and the policies, yes, you can give your input and opinion. But don't be spreading lies to fit your agenda. It just makes you bad in history books.

I believe the more attacks Trump and his team get, the more big time celebrites who don't stand with these attacks will start defending him. It will happen and yes, they will be getting attacked by the tolerant liberals. Just a few days ago, Candace Cameron who plays DJ in Fuller House expressed her thoughts on President Donald Trump's speech at Congress on Twitter. Just a few seconds, she started to get hate all over.

 Not suprised.
Well, she does have BLM on her name. Think she follows Shaun King?

But I feel like we can learn a lot from the Fuller House star.

Lets be honest. There are quiet Trump supporters that are in Hollywood but are afraid to voice their support to lose fans or start getting threats. I mean, Steve Harvey had to learn what it is. I have faith Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and Tori Kelly will have a positive opinion on the newly president.

So to you celebrities and other artists like Chrissy Teigan who has a hate for Trump calling him a racist without even meeting him  like legend adult actress Jenna Jameson has, you need to shut up. Because if you can't tell how the media will pepurate the news to attack Trump and his team, then you shouldn't add 'Politics' to your resume. If you don't spend time understanding his policy or better yet hear from one of his supporters, then your opinion is invalid and all you are doing is attracting those who show no sympathy to Trump, victims who were killed by illegals and the Syrians by Rebels.

Futhermore, if you never criticize Obama for the deaths of the soldiers in Bengazzi but criticize Trump for the death of a soldier under his term? Then you are a hypocrite. If you did not tweet about Obama's freeze for Iraqi refugees in 2011 but spam Trump for the tempoary ban that he ordered? You are a hypocrite.

And that is my no filter. I wanna hear your no filter. Can Hollywood talk about politics or should they at least do their research?

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