Monday, 20 February 2017

Who is Emma from Sweden?

A few days ago, President Donald Trump was talking at the Rally in Florida about immigration and refugee crisis in Europe.

"You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden … Sweden. Who would believe this?” Mr. Trump told the crowd. “Sweden … They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible.”

You'd think "Oh, wow finally he is addressing the riots and the chaos happening in Europe. But, just like every journalist whose motive are to take out Trump, they will find anything that can fit their narrative and that is explaining what even happened in Sweden.

Since Sweden's government has actually been covering the perpetrators of rape crimes to protect the "vulnerable" migrants, as told by Journalist Ami Horowitz speaking to Tucker Carlson, it seems like you would understand why the mainstream media would not report that issue. Because it ruins their agenda, their narrative that they already have.

As we see the last one, this is a woman who is temporarily running the official Sweden account. Her name is Emma or may be KSena from her personal account.

After digging through her feed, I have noticed that she has quoted tweets that are anti-trump such as tweets like this: 
 Also, an Obama lover I'm presuming.

So Emma is not the typical Antifa hating woman that some people would think of, she is just another listener from outside America that listens to GQ and supported Obama without knowing his policies. 

So unlike Emma, there were Swedish people who in fact have to deal with this crisis every day because of the events happening in Sweden. 

There have been attacks happening on Swedish women and also men. But they probably have been in areas where Emma is not around. The fact of the matter is that there are like, I think 50 No-Go-Zones in Sweden where you shouldn't be allowed because migrants are all there. Well, thankfully for you Emma, the police there are being attacked to try to stop any attack on the legal public as reported.

But you know, "No, no one cares about what's going on Germany, it's because Trump said Sweden and there were no terrorist attacks, we must call him out guys." 

Wrong, he never said a terrorist attack in Sweden.  

It has also been recommended by Swedish officers that women in Migrant areas should not be out alone at night or dress in a certain way. It was also reported that some woman who escaped an attack from 9 migrants because of her boss saving her. One of the migrants reported was masturbating across the street watching her.
 Police Chief in Sweden: Muslim refugees will rape you, so don't go out after sunset.#swedenincidentpic.twitter.com/Ep0LIXgPQC
This article here.

Later on, the Twitter User read a message from the victim on their feed.

Yes, this is from last summer. But did you hear CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Buzzfeed, etc. reporting this? No, because this will contradict their narratives.

They will rather make fun of Trump for just pointing out the "alleged" mistake on "last night in Sweden" then actually understand that the President is condoning these migrant attacks in Paris, Germany, Belgium. They could have gained respect. Start reporting more on Europe because the president is starting to acknowledge those victims in Europe, but no. That's not how they play and that's why they will always be hated by the majority of Americans. 

There also have been Swedish people who have witness attacks and blame the government for these open borders and also blaming the cops for not persecuting these criminals.
So yeah Emma, there are incidents involving migrants in Sweden. You are just lucky you are not around there. But please, why don't you say that to the face of the mother of Alexandra Mezher who was a victim of a stabbing by a Somalian "boy". By the way, she was working in the Asylum center.

What do you guys have to say? If you hear something on TV by the Mainstream Media or by Trump and his team, always research and look up! Don't let your bias tell you the answer. But as you can see, the mainstream media is losing it's reputation for reporting "news". 

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