Wednesday, 15 February 2017

My First Experience at a Free Speech Rally

Now, I've never been to rally. More in depth really, a free speech rally. I have been to rallies at my church with events that talk about miracles and signs so that was normal to me. Tonight, I witness what the alt-left media claims as a White Supremacist Hate Speech Rally.

Now, at this rally, it was created by the Rebel Media and other organizers to explain why we don't need motion M-103 here in Canada.

If you don't know the motion M-103, it is kinda like a bill. A bill once is passed, becomes law. Iqra Khalid, a member of Parliment introduced this. This is so the government can condemn Islamaphobia and people who have their views on the belief of Islam. This is so anyone who is considered to be using systemic racism and discrimination against the "race can be condemned.

So basically, if you say in public with a person around claiming "There are Islamic terrorists who are destroying lives in the Middle East." Say goodbye to your "race privilege". You are not allowed to say that anymore, and you probably will be charged.

This is not right. Plus, it is stupid. Okay, so:

1. Islamaphobia means fear of Islam, not of Muslims.

2. Systemic Racism exist in Canada? I doubt it. Just because an employer does not hire a girl just because she is wearing a hijab does not mean they are being racist. It could mean she does not have the experience to be in that position they are looking for or maybe she just didn't sound confident enough. Enough with the identity politics, holy Lord.

3. Racist discrimination? Muslims are not a race, they are believers of Islam. You can be white, brown, black, anything! So call that discrimination is very racist in my opinion thinking it is only Middle Easterns. Don't forget, there are Christians who live there too!

So you getting my drift right? So during the rally, great speakers like Faith Goldy, Ezra Levant, Joe Warmington and more, were fighting back against politically correct nonsense. 

And there was no surprise that the liberal media, especially 3rd party media outlet Vice were there capturing the event. But you already know their tactics. Find something anything offensive, compare it to Trump rallies and Hitler and bang, it's just a white supremacist alt-right group. But they were wrong, as always.

In the crowd, there were people of different race, different nationality, I met a person almost border to Quebec; yup, that is some passion. 

The audience also were not afraid to show their emotions against the dishonest media. The speakers called them out and said the truth. Does this sound like something similar? Heck yeah! Will I be surprised that these journalists would tweet their events and use any material or quote that would fit their narratives? Oh yeah. They probably got offended when Faith was speaking about Pepe the frog and the millennials in the crowd were cheering on the meme. Wow, I wonder how those reporters were feeling. 

So yea there were false reports, such as this one that got cleared quickly.
Then you gotta respond with a joke to make them feel stupid.
And well, it doesn't end great for the Vice writers.

So to be honest, my first time being in these rallies, I felt real safe and I finally got to see in person, a person calling out the liberal media and the liberal agenda. And yes, shout out to the vice writer Jill Krajewski for putting her most diverse woman covering this event. Because you know if they report it, a headline can be "Free Speech Rally and how Rebel leader attacks girls of different color" Who knows? Maybe that would be it, maybe not?

Well, if you guys couldn't make it out and now you realize that this motion is not a good idea for your free speech as a Canadian, please check out this link below and sign the petition demanding M-103 will not happen. I'm Christian and people can say whatever they want about Christianity and to me, and if I know the truth, then there's nothing to be afraid of from their words. I know people who tell me they hate Christianity but don't hate Christians and I respect that. You can hate a religion or belief but you shouldn't hate that person of that belief. Well you can, I don't support it but hey, free speech.

So please demand Parliment to stop M-103. To not let it go through. We have seen what ISIS has done in the Middle East killing millions with the help from our liberal government, Obama's team and more. Many Muslims are coming here to seek refuge and safety. Many have also left their country because of its Sharia Law and heck no, they did not get their asses out of the country to live somewhere else so that law can follow them there.

Don't be afraid to speak up! Show no filter.

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