Monday, 20 March 2017


When I was against Trump, I tended to understand Antifa and any groups that were anti-Trump. I understood their pain because I thought they did not like a guy who is "racist", they did not like Trump because he is an "Islamaphobe". Man, glad I left that bandwagon. 

It is sad that these people are so stubborn. The great thing is the fact you are Hispanic and actually take the time to read facts and look at literature, you tend to be a great thinker and debater. And I have seen Hispanic Trump supporters who explain what his comments mean to those who are against him.

I mean, if it wasn't for latino Trump supporters, my cousins in Chicago, my ex-girlfriend who's Muslim and my best friend, I would think Trump is a racist, sexist, islamophobe who hates everyone but just himself and his family. So I thank them for having me look at a different perspective and to go in depth with these articles and news that are Trump-related.

So just as I said in my last article, I am no Trump supporter. There are many policies and views of him I don't agree with. But I'm no longer in that majority of millennials who receive their news from Huffington Post's NowThis or Buzzfeed. I tend to look at facts and call out the bias and the leftist narratives of those outlets.

For example, while it is clear that Antifa is just corrupt kids who are brainwashed to believe their ideology is right. All these outlets like Salon, Vanity Fair, Slate, Vox, AJ Plus, NowThis don't condemn them or even refer them to a terrorist group. They just refer them as aggressive protesters. Like no wonder why these outlets are starting to be called out more and more every day. 

Just take it in on their headlines on the riot at Berkely which was where Milo Yinnopoulus was going to speak on Multiculturalism. 

Oh Buzzfeed, you had one job. You could have condemned these attacks but you rather stick to your narratives and include Trump's tweets. Thanks. I hope you know those ANTIFA members are part of your viewers.

Leave it to Slate, the site that will tell you the truth on the Trump administration. Very quiet when the NSA were caught lying that they don't spy on the public and how Obama sent money to countries that killed Christians and Gays. Great way.

You admit that there were smoke bombs and that bonfires were started. Yet you call these starters just protesters. See where I am going?

But wait, maybe Huffington Post can actually admit ANTIFA's wrong doings.

Well, I guess I was wrong, yet again.

As you can see, these outlets call these rioters as protesters. No, those are not protesters, these are protesters!

Free speech is dying out in the college campuses.

Yesterday I went to a protest at Nathan Phillips Square in Downtown Toronto. This protest was basically part 2 of the 'Stop Motion 103' which I attended the first past a couple weeks ago. 

I saw the same old thing. ANTIFA and the crowd chanting the same old lines... "Hey hey, ho, ho, White Supremacist got to go!", "Nazi Scum, get off our streets!", and the famous of them all... "REFUGEES ARE WELCOME HERE".

But here's the irony. These tolerant liberals were screaming to Indians, immigrants and yes, refugees too! I mean, I thought Antifa were idiotic kids in the states but really?... there are actually some with no knowledge on the history of Refugees and Immigrants. 

Protesters greeting each other.

Then you hear the protesters back! "We don't hate refugees!! What are you saying??", I went to several protesters and ask why are they protesting, they replied, "I don't agree with M-103", and "I just want free speech." Of course, that did not stop the tolerant left to call them racist, sexist, nazi scums. 

The horror, to see an elderly Asian lady, Indian immigrant have to look at these kids and young adults calling them Nazi scums racists, and white supremacists baffles me to the complete extent.

During the protest, Saudia Arabian refugee Sandra Solomon gave no crap dancing on top of her native flag. She knows what she went through with their false ideology of women. Heck, if I were in her position, I would keep stomping on that flag of a nation that treats women like pigs. 

After some interviews, journalist Lauren Southern was there and does what she does best. Infiltrate the area where ANTIFA is chanting. I have seen in her old videos that people actually have assaulted her and thrown stuff at her so I made the choice in following her and defending her if anyone tries to attack her. Boy, was that an experience. Liberals were creating that siren sound with their bullhorn and chanting the same words to her. I tried to put my hand on her side while filming so no one tries to physically touch her but the people there were aggressive. I can't believe there are people who are neighbors, workers and are related with these hateful beings. Fortunately for Lauren, officers came and broke the gathering before it could have gotten worse. I, however, was outside of the circle and could not enter the protest inside until I went the other way and the officer was cool enough to let me in.

I thought it was over but then I overheard the protesters that they are going to march to CBC building to show the hypocrisy of the liberal network. And so they started to march. Then the ANTIFA were following us. One ripped a sign from a protester and left. Then while walking to Bay St. a girl with a black coat and fur just wooshed and grabbed a guy's sign but she got taken down. Then after while walking, a communist who I tried to debate earlier in the first protest started to yell with his bullhorn and so one protester grabbed his sign and ripped it. It was just like a movie, the protesters had enough and ripped any hate sign that said words like "Nazi Scum off our streets", and dropped the stick on the floor. Bold moves. I then, kept walking and saw ANTIFA try to block the way for the protesters to go through. You gotta thank the Police Officers for defending the protesters and just raming ANTIFA through with their bikes. They gave no crap. A member of them thought they would win but with the bike tires hitting her chest, it was like almost an Apollo & Rocky knockout.

Soon after, we made it to the CBC building and the officers already created a barrier to protect us from the real fascist. They kept shouting the same names. It's like if they were a broken record, they weren't giving up but it seems like they were dying. The protesters then were chanting "Trudeau must go!". They were tired of PM Trudeau on being such a snowflake just trying to win popularity vote. Then the protesters started to sing the national anthem. They were not afraid to sing the patriotic song. Immigrants, refugees, natives loved the moment standing together, unitying against the government and hate. "Stand on Guard, Stand on Guard" they kept shouting after finishing the anthem. The ANTIFA were just doing what they do best. Just calling us racist, nazi scums, you get the picture? After, the leaders who organized the march were talking to the officer in how they will leave the protest. They deviced a plan to block the area so ANTIFA can't go through and told the protesters to put their signs in a box and start to go their seperate ways. I went to the other side of the street and saw the crowd dispersing. After putting my camera away, I saw Lauren Southern once last time and she gave me her final thoughts on how ANTIFA is just doing the same old thing. It's just a waste time for them. I then said goodbye to her and left. While walking to my station I look at all these homeless people sleeping and I say, "These people are fighting for no free speech while these people are fighting the temperature to sleep on the street?" It's just not right.

So to conclude this, will ANTIFA go far? I don't think so. But I think there is something that I should stop saying about them.

And that is they are not anti-fascist. They are just brutally the real fascists.

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