Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Why 4Chan is taking the internet by storm

So who has been the real enemy of the mainstream media and the national intelligence comity? You would think Donald Trump and the "fake news" media that support him, but you are wrong. While the adults watch WikiLeaks exposing the lies of the government, the youth, however, look at forums such as 4Chan.

Now you can hate them or love them, but these people who run these articles on 4Chan will be legends in the meme community for the future.

Users at 4Chan have been trolling the mainstream media and yes, even the intelligence community.

4Chan users have been involved with one of the biggest trolls such as creating a dossier that includes President Donald Trump in Russia peeing on Russian prostitutes. This dossier was passed onto intelligence staff members and was published by a member from Buzzfeed.

Like you already know you are a God if you can even troll the intelligence with a fake dossier.

Shia LaBeouf's "He Will Not Divide Us" saga was dying after 4Chan users would easily find his flag and take it down replacing it with a Trump flag. Then when he tried to put it in a remote location, the trollers went into a high quest investigating where the flag has been and in the end, they found it and took it back to their compund.

Lastly, these legends also put a webcam feed around the borders of America to surveillance any illegals going in the country and calling ICE to deport them back.

Pure savagery.

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