Saturday, 18 March 2017

Why I Don't Support President Donald Trump

I like him but I don't support him.

"Wait, how?" "That's not possible." "Your statuses and posts are about him!", "You debated with me why is a good president!"

Let me explain this.

I like Starbucks, but I don't support them. I don't support the Kardashian family but I like some of them such as Kendall and Kourtney. I like Microsoft but by my recent purchases, I don't support them bur rather support Samsung and Apple.

See where I am going?

I don't support Donald Trump as President of the United States but I do like him. 

I will explain why I like Donald Trump but why I don't support him.

I like the Donald because he sticks out of the status quo. For decades, the Republicans and Democrats have ruined the American people. From Health Care to the Economy, the states have been suffering from the actions of their former leaders of the country.

George Bush created the Iraq & Afganistan war and was basically the reason for the recession that occurred. Barrack Obama, although captured Bin Laden, spent more on the war and has funded armies in the Middle East to overthrow "dictatorship" such as the leaders in Syria. Seriously, you thought overthrowing the Libyan government would help Libya but it became a failed state, and now it has become a country where terrorist abide. The hypocrisy. And who knows, if the Iraq War didn't happen, ISIS would be unlikely to exist.

So what does President Trump think about this? Well, he is against it. On an interview with Chuck todd, he explains on why are we sending millions of dollars to a group in the Middle East we don't even know. The group is most likely, the CIA-trained rebels whose objective is to overthrow the government. My favorite reason liking him is because he knows the truth of Syria. If any of you actually look at facts and read Middle East Articles, the mainstream media has lied to you. They want you to think that the Syrian rebels are the good guy but he explains that we don't even know the reveals and we are spending billions of dollars to send weapons to them.

  I wouldn't be surprised if Edward Snowden praised Trump hearing this.

Truth is, while many Iraqis despise Bush, many Yemenis and Syrians hate Obama too. They have seen what their predator drones and bombs did to their villages. All the man wants to do is "bomb the hell" out of ISIS. 

He has spoken very aggressively on Islamic extremist groups. He even said that he wants the best for his American people and also for the Muslims who are caught in the crossfire out there. Well, that is so islamophobic of him. 

The fact that Trump's main objective is to clear out the country's debt, have a better healthcare system, defeat ISIS and bring back more jobs doesn't sound bad. The problem is where his words get twisted into thinking in a bad way which then people take it as a threat or as a verbal assault.

I mean, think about it? If you don't watch the full rally where Donald Trump talks about the reporter and you just see the CNN Headline that he "mocked the reporter" and that's all you see on every news station, no duh you will believe it too. But if you don't fact check and understand what is happening, then you will never know. So I don't blame a person for thinking he is a racist, misogynist, Nazi, fascist, sexist, oh man, you get my point. 

So, Donny is an outsider. Has no political experience, none whatsoever but is one of the biggest billionaires who has more than a hundred businesses. So you have to think? A politician with poor experience or a business guy who speaks on how much he wants to make America great again? And that's who you would choose to run the country. The problem as I said earlier, is that Trump is an outsider, he doesn't fit the status quo. He doesn't think or talk like a Politician. He is not afraid to have no filter. So the Democrats hate him, the GOP hates him, Cooperations and the Media Establishment. Hence the reason why they aired more of his Tweets than the airtime on Hillary Clinton's deleted emails or the DNC rigging the primaries. So the majority of America hate him, even Hollywood, which I have spoken about. And the majority of Americans receive their news from the liberal outlets and from Hollywood so whatever they speak on Trump, yes many hate him. It's no surprise.

But I will tell you why I don't support Donald Trump. I don't support him because of some of his policies. 

The policies are these:

1. Deploy military to South China Seas.

Like what's the point? 

2. Rebuilding 350 Navy Ships.

Hey, I love the military, the Army and Navy yes. But first, find a way to kill the school debt and national debt and let's get our Veterans off the streets. Rebuild 350 Navy ships sounds like billions of dollars which right now we shouldn't be spending.


Seriously, I don't like it. Mexican farmers went out of business, 700 thousand manufacture jobs were lost. Either modify it or just end it. This affects me as a Canadian citizen since this act involves trading goods from the States to up here in the North. 

Other reasons why I don't support Trump is because when he implemented his temporary ban on the concerned countries that are a terrorist watch, he did not add Saudia Arabia who has killed people in Syria and Yemen, and also Qatar. I hate their laws, the way they treat women, the way free speech is not implemented and the fact they don't allow Christians or Jews to practice their faith or build a church or synagogue. I really hope Trump shows that King that he is not playing games.

His relationship with Syria and Russia. I hope Trump does not get influenced by the GOP to believe that those countries are enemies. False propaganda has gotten Obama to believe they are a threat, and so I hope Trump does not follow the same steps because the truth is the Mainstream Media has manipulated us to believe that they are the enemy because of false propaganda. I mean, the Oscars awarded a film of The White Helmets, the organization that associates with Al Queda but is portrayed as a heroic group. Shake my head.

I mean, ever since the election, the level of activity of me looking for information and history on the country and on politics, it has increased drastically. I like to read on people's policies, I like to understand the purpose of the policy and read in depth. I like reading both liberal and conservative views on a policy. Look at the language of the writer or author, the context, and their message. I like to judge someone based on what their policies are, not because of how I feel. 

I was always raised to love people despite their beliefs and views. Now I don't hate Donald Trump for the policies that I disagree with. I like him, I have faith that he can truly make America great again for each and every American. 

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