Sunday, 18 December 2016

No! Donald Trump supporters are not racist!

Let me add in my two cents. It seems like my opinion is not popular than an opinion coming from Justin Bieber or a Youtuber like Tyler Oakley.

So to just to go in depth with my latest video on my view of the election, oh yeah, I was wrong. I was wrong about Donald Trump. I was wrong and tricked by the lies of the mainstream media into thinking he is an evil racist guy, but he is not. Out of hours and hours trying to defend my argument with a republican that he is indeed racist, I found nothing. I mean, building a wall to prevent illegals from crossing the country is not being racist, it's being wise and loving to their country. I mean, we have doors in our homes to protect us from intruders? A person cannot come into my house without acknowledging who they are. Until I know who they are, they can come over; it's same for an illegal immigrant who wants to live in America.

It's been a month since this election has happened and boy the majority of people in America and here in Canada are not having it. After I posted a clip of my video on Instagram, I received a message from someone claiming what is wrong with me for having support towards him when he hates my kind... But boy, they watch too much CNN. It also happened on Twitter, only I actually didn't start it. I was just retweeting news on how the mainstream media has so much false propaganda and narratives targeting Trump then suddenly, a girl who removed me off Snapchat a day ago for asking her opinion on the election tweeted about having to unfollow someone because of "stupidity"... I saw that she wasn't following me anymore so I presume she just did it recently. I didn't want to message knowing it could cause problems and don't want to ruin the friendship we sorta have.

After watching coverage by coverage on the election, I start seeing more reports on the violence that was going on, I see the false crimes people are reporting as a result of the election, but the worst thing is... I see so many fakes news!! 'Trump didn't want the press to join him in dinner... Is he hiding something?' Oh, give me a break NBC, CNN and Huffington Post. I see third party media outlets continuing on to remind the viewer what Trump 'promises' are, and it's such a lie. Because of this event, more YouTubers who talk about the election in nonbiased ways and report honest truth stepped up and debunk the truth. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people don't believe it and because they like to listen mostly from GQ, AJ Plus, NowThis which are liberal and progressive news outlet that interview people who have a 'letter' to Donald Trump and a speech on how he will not take their legal family away, it's just more hate towards the newly elected unfortunately. I tweeted towards this feminist post saying their video is biased because that is not true. Then hours later, the same girl who unfollowed me quoted my tweet saying what I said was wrong and whatnot. Of course, this was the time where I can express my thought on telling her that I acknowledge her last act of unfollowing me and she responded it is because I posted stupid things. I thought it was going to end by saying we should debate then but she said she would not debate with people who are close-minded. Fortunately, with people agreeing and even putting their input supporting her, I just give them the question that is so hard for them to answer.. 'Explain to me how Donald Trump is a racist.' one girl responded by either blocking me or putting her tweets on privacy. It's a shame. You try to start a conversation and without hearing my arguments, you leave.

Then I really thought it was over but the same girl responded so I just took it to the messages. She wrote frequent messages how I don't see the big 'picture', how I don't understand it, how it's sad to see a latino agreeing with this and also as a Christian, that I am setting a bad example.

I could have judged her especially by bringing up verses that are heavy but I did not. I just gave a big paragraph on why I have faith in Trump, why I use to believe in the lies and even encouraging her that she should try to become a debater or a leader. Her response was that I was saying yet again irrelevant things. It didn't even seem like she even read my message because it took her to reply in 15 seconds after I sent her a 14 sentence paragraph or around there... The point, it was long and she replied that quick? Nope, not buying it. And that was pretty much it.

Since my last video, I started to do surveys and ask people around on what their view is on the election. The results were surprisingly interesting. I asked a Muslim woman, an African American who just moved from Atlanta to Brampton and an African Canadian on the bus heading home. The Muslim woman says that They have faith in Trump. She said it is dumb how the media portrays him as a racist guy when he has Muslim workers as well as African Americans and latinos. She said "putting up borders so illegal immigrants can not come is not being racist, you just want more security to your country.. many countries have that. Does that mean their world leader is racist? Think of the money they would save because of the cost of problems if the illegal gets in.. and being Muslim like christian.. there are bad seeds in all of them. I do not consider them Muslim but people have the right to be afraid of those bad ones... America is losing lots of money based on the damage these extremist terrorist are causing.. something needs to change. I do not like the guy but he is speaking truth." I was shocked. If you are mad that it's hard to find employment in America or why you are debt, there is partially blame for the effects of the terrorist attacks that have happened around the country such as cities like Ohio, San Bernadino, and even Orlando.  Just imagine the cost of the destruction, insurance and restoring the buildings and treatment of people in those areas. Just imagine the cost of damages and repair it was when the Paris attack occurred.

Donald Trump does not hate Muslims, he is not islamophobic. He just hates radical extremist. So NowThis, you need to stop posting anti-trump videos from Muslims and post the truth that he loves Muslims, and he said he would even put one in his cabinet.

Now we speak about Black Lives Matter, the group. I believe that black lives matter because they do. Just like all lives matter, black lives matter too. At the moment, though, with the media hyping this news of a white officer shooting black youth, you'd say "screw white lives, it's all about the black lives matter, this is like the 50s!!"... This is wrong according to an employee from Guess who lived in the urban neighborhood of Atlanta a month ago before his family moved here. He said he had to experience a cop attacking his friend to the ground. So why isn't he anti-police? He said, "Just because I'm African-American doesn't mean I'm all for BLM. Yes, black lives do matter. Like all lives matter in general but right now with the police shootings black lives matter. But the problem is people believe in the media saying its all cops but really sometimes it is not. I never have seen protests in Chicago where black youth are being killed? Should we ignore that or only focus when an officer shoots a black guy?? I lived in Atlanta and my dad told me to just listen as the police say and do not raise your voice up to the blue like if they were your parents. That would give the officer motive if you show attitude. Yes, there were incidents where an officer was way out of line but other shows the guy being aggressive and there are videos where guys shoot the cops. Are there some racist cops? Yeah. Are these youth doing justice right but killing an officer? No. It's not the cops nor the youth, it's the media that is to blame for portraying one side of the story. Many folks are mad because a hashtag of a victim is trending while these youth are killing each other in Chicago." When I asked what a Trump presidency is gonna look like, he answered, "The man is what the community needs. Sounds like a bad man but the media wants you to believe he is. I mean, he's a Republican. They label them as racist and old school hating on gays and Muslims person, but that's a stereotype. The country hasn't done well economically with the Democrats, why put another one especially with bad political experience who lies a lot? There needs to be change. Many black people voted for Trump. They are tired of no change." I was speechless hearing that. Afterward, I asked an African Canadian on his thoughts and he said that the military is wasting so much money and that with Trump being president, he will probably end the Syrian War and build a relationship with Russia. He was right on one part. President Putin of Russia has congratulated Trump on his win and hopes America and Russia can resolve and build a relationship. The mainstream media is not having it. They are already bashing Trump for canceling an order of an Air Force One that cost 4 billion to the country. Look at it America, your new elected president just helped you get out of additional 4 billion debt with 18 Trillion to go!! Looks small but at least it's a start.

So before you call Trump a racist, a bigot, a rapist, a hitler, etc. Just know that your children's children's children's children will still owe the debt you guys created for being so liberal asking for welfare and useless stuff. So kids, don't listen to your favourite Youtuber saying Clinton would be better because they are not Donald Trump. They just get paid to say it. They just want the system to stay broken. They probably don't even know any of her policies.

Anyways, to end this week, I got tired of seeing all this hate and gossip of Donald Trump that I had to make my matters better. I decided to go to Trump Towers in downtown Tornto and protest against the hate towards Trump. The staff and employees loved my admiration and although I got small frowns and bad reaction, I also got some thumbs up, some cheering and a clap from a few. It was a great experienced and I loved every second of it. After that, I went around the area and hand out sandwiches to anyone in the street. I was on my way to a birthday so it was a good idea to had this plan. After the birthday, I gave sandwiches and food to a couple and a man. I had discussions with them and wanted to hear what they say about the struggle on the streets. One homeless man pointed out this happens because of democracy and it's a lie to our faces and we should never trust the media. So I guess I wasn't the only anti-media guy that night. 

It just gets to show you that no matter who you support, your heart towards the people and world exposes who you really are. Liberal or Conservative.

In the end, what we need to do is work together and build better communication with each other? I'm tired of seeing the fights and the riots, it's time to fight fear and work together. Something the media does not like.

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