Tuesday, 27 September 2016

I got a new job!

Evening everyone, today has been a really good day. My favourite team has won against their rivals and I also just received an opportunity working at a new job.


The Jays took the first game of the three game series against the Baltimore Orioles. It was suspenseful watching the game knowing the power of Manny Machado and the O's line up.

Of course, rain stormed tonight with a 2 run home-run by the bringer of rain Josh Donaldson.



Left Fielder Ezequiel Carrera also contribute to the scoreboard by hitting a solo home-run. Blue Jays ace, Aaron Sanchez struck out 10 birds in this 5-1 win adding to 14 wins this season for him.

So today I just got a job at a local Shoppers Drug mart just 5 minutes away from me. I'm pretty psyched. It's a full-time overnight shift and I'm someone who likes to face challenges so this is going to be a great challenge for me in this new season for this year.

Time to move on from folding clothes to just stock up chips in the middle of the night.

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