Friday, 11 November 2016

Dear Donald Trump

Alright, well this maybe a letter to Donald Trump, not entitled as one. So before I start on expressing my thoughts and feelings, lets have a rundown.
So its been two days since Donald Trump has been elected as the new president of the United States and the people are not having it. And no, I'm not talking just liberals because that's all republicans believe but also people in other parties believe too.


Hey, I'm conservative too but also have liberal qualities. Actually, I even voted for NDP for the Canadian Election because I liked their views. Like I'm not all for legalizing Marijuana since I don't enjoy the smell and would I want to be nauseous every time I'm heading home? Aha no but I still gotta deal with it at times. I remember I even jumping out of a moving car of a friends because a friend of theirs told them to meet up their dealer and I was legit crapping my pants heading to the spot so I got out aha.
Anyways, lets talk about what the majority of every American is talking about.. even us Canadians have been talking about it as well.
I'm being honest here. I know I live in Canada and I know today it's Rememberance Day but I'm not happy. It's hard to see this. I see many Canadians here joking around it but I myself don't find anything on this event funny. But the millinerals are laughing, taunting the protestors, portraying themselves like Trump supporters. I even got attacked for saying that it's not cool. After realizing I was talking to high schoolers in the city of Woodbridge, I had to end it because who would have the balls to actually correct them because where is maturity in that youth culture?
Probably down in America where young kids are protesting that Trump is not the man for the job to be the leader of the nation. So now here, I will start my letter...
Dear Donald Trump, I got so much to say to you as a concerned Canadian, neighbour to now the country you are leading. No, I'm not going to curse against you, I'm not going to blackmail you, I wanna ask you something and this is it...
What are you going to do now??
I hear your promises, I hear what you are feeling and that there are people who feel the same way as you (Trump Supporters), I understand your concerns, but your methods don't sound right and with the expectations people want, it's just too much. I heard the words, your statements and the interviews on what you said but I'm not stupid, I knew your plan was to say the right things for the media.. biased or not to blast you, to put the headlines all on you. You got the words, you had the right things to say to get the minorities go against you, you got them to be the people you refer to them. "Not good people"... Hey, if I heard someone call me a loser, a rapist, a thief because I'm latino? I'm not gonna fight them, I've been taught to bless those who have cursed me, I've been taught to treat people the same way I want to be treated, even if people bully me. I find that the people who have cursed me; instead of fighting them, I bless them, which then they get real confused and it's like they get convicted for their act. I love it.
When it comes to freedom of speech, people say what they want to say and it sucks. It sucks when you hear curse words, when you hear negativity. Can't really do much.
After Trump has been elected, there have been numerous events. Supporters attacking groups, protestors start rioting. This is wrong. Both sides. If this keeps going, America will go into waste. I see the protest, and I'm not hating if there are peaceful, but seeing riots and fights, burning newspaper stand, that's not what this nation is about. Protestors, find a way to make it right. Supporters, stop rubbing it in their faces. Now I've seen Trump supporters praising the win and like bring out the racism saying offensive words to a group of ethnic beings or cursing them, I don't tolerate that. This seems to remind me of the 1950s with the blacks. But, you saw what the blacks did.. especially the BP. They fought back with humbleness, strategy and wisdom. They didnt fight with violence, they fought by showing no fear.
Guys, this is what they want you to be. In fear. Dont let fear take away your lack of love, don't let it burn your heart with bitterness. I don't understand how you american people are going through. Fear of being ridiculed, fear of getting jumped. But here's what I believe you all need.
Peace. You can't let depression attack you, you can't let your doubts with these fears control you into the person it wants you to be.
You guys need to fight the enemy. The enemy is not Trump, nor his supporters, it's fear. Some of these videos on what these supporters say are so awful and I even question myself if they ever had an education? I don't want to laugh at them, I wanna pray for them just like I'll pray for you guys too.
Wanna make America great again? Unite guys.
Seeing these events have hurt me so much, I haven't even planned on what I want to do because this is all I see. I don't even know how people here in the north can watch this and continue living the same lifestyle. Yeah, you RT a tweet involving the event makes you an agent of change, sure let's go with that but keep talking about about guys and 'hoes'.
But you know what? I'm not going to let it hurt me anymore. That's why I wrote this and I hope this gets shared so people can understand it's time to stop being afraid and start working together.
Did I say it's gonna be easy working with someone who doesn't agree with your ideas? No, but just like making friends, it takes a few steps, communication is key.
I have a friend who voted for trump and I asked them why. They gave me their explanation, I might not agree with them at all but I respect their choice. We are still friends. For a muslim to communicate with a Trump supporter, to have a coffee with someone who doesn't agree with your religious practices, it's hard. Like you don't know the person but you never know.. if trying to start a conversation gets them to have a new idea of you works, then congratulations, you defeated fear; fear for you, fear for them.
I've been constantly listening to this song that helps me with depression, the fear of the unknown, the fear of going into depression. I'm not going to let worryness, fear and depression to come into my life anymore. They can't stop me now. This song is by Lecrae, one of my favourite rappers.
So to end up my letter to you Donald Trump, I just want to say I'm praying for you. I'm praying you get this right. I'm praying you see your 'supporters' showing their true colours hurting the minorities, I hope you sympathize with the minorities and you actually do something, I hope God warms your heart when you watch those videos. Because if you want to make America great again, you need to start looking at your heart first just like we all do.

I got my opinion, what's yours?

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