Monday, 24 October 2016

Guys, before you DM that girl who "slays" in her photos.

Dear Guys, before you DM that pretty girl who "slays" in her ig and twitter photos, let me tell you something about them. Okay, they look great but you already know they get comments like that from a selfie of them wearing a dress, good outfit, whatever.

No, I ain't speaking about all girls but it's many girls I've encountered. Here's the thing... you gotta look at how she is, what she does, character, background for crying out loud. And no I'm not saying ethnicity, I'm talking about where she comes from and how she handles things.. you know it?
Here's the thing about those girls who tweet about their day. From when they are complaing about getting up to school till tweeting how it's 2am and they forgot to study for a test later on that day in school. What does this show about them?
They got time.
They got time to talk about their day. It displays that they are very active amongst their whole day. But here's the thing...
They talk about everything!! Boy if you are talking to that girl; just know that if you make a mistake during the date, you might see her on her phone, but after the date (because you shouldn't be on your phone during dates), you should check your Twitter. If she was tweeting and rt stuff about quotes or about just love and guys, dude... just leave it. Or you deal with it and will definitely have to learn a lot.. You pretty much know what type of girl she is based on her attitude during the date.

Now before you judge me saying "you can't judge a girl based on what she tweets".. You are kinda seeing something else..you just found someone who is in denial. Someone who denies anything that offends them. I mean, she's not gonna want to admit it. You can be right but she will be convinced it's your fault.. Yet it's sad that she tweets how she treats people well and gets hurt questioning herself.. Like girl just stop. It's pretty attractive seeing a girl show humility to herself and say she can't hold everything down.
All she post on her social media is herself. There's not a week that she would not post a selfie of herself.. And I mean if her captions are like "twitter saw it first", then you already know the rest. She post screenshots about convos and tweets from people captioning "that's me"??.. then there you go brother, that is her. And you can't lie, if you ever try to correct her, she'll likely respond with "lol" and sub-post you or probably try to curse you out and screenshot it embarrassing you. Like I said, it doesn't matter how much she "slays" in her photo, if her character sucks, not worth the slide on her DMS.
Here are some hints you should notice:

If she posts a selfie with her clothes on the floor... what does that mean? Does she have a thing of having her clothes around in her photos? Could you presume laziness or can't listen to her parents when they tell her to pick up her clothes?

Or when she captions her photo saying "ft. Dirty mirror".. well then, I guess they never heard what Windex is.

You ought to know that when being in a relationship with these girls, you sign yourself up for being subtweeted constantly. Signing yourself up for pain.
It's been a month, and she's snapping over the fact you didn't do something with her for your 1 month because you were raised differently than them. It makes sense. Also being referred on her snapchat. "My man is this", "my man is that", "my man can't do this..", "my man can only do this" like jheeze is this woman your mother? Do you consider this a healthy relationship?
Is this how every girl is on social media? Absolutely not. There are girls who post pictures of themselves and also things they like to do.. such as going out with friends, exploring sites, family photos, etc. I have my preferences and a girl who vents her problems on Twitter everyday and just wants people to feel sorry for herself, I can't seem to grow along with that. Just because you say no to her doesn't mean you lost the very best. It's annoying to hear a girl tell you that loosing her is over for you; that you will never get a good girl. But let me tell you this, a good girl is a girl who lost you or you lost and hopes for the best for either of you because everyones gotta learn. I have my opinions, what are yours?

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