Sunday, 2 October 2016

Blue Jays won! Are we ready to defeat the Os in the wildcard game Tuesday?


My Sunday was shacked up and full of excitement having to watch two baseball games at the same time. The Toronto Blue Jays VS Boston Red Sox, and the Detroit Tigers VS Atlanta Braves. These were must win games. If the Blue Jays win against Boston, they are in; if the Tigers loose, we still in; win or lose. If the Tigers win, they would need to win tomorrow on a make up game to see if they would be able to compete in a tie breaker against Toronto Tuesday.

So as you already read my headline; we made it to the post season. Jays won 2-1 on a close game and being special over the fact, soon to be hall of famer David 'Big Papi' Ortiz, had his last game for the regular season.

Second baseman Devon Travis, drilled one over the Monster to get the Jays to have the first lead. Tulo later broke up a tie from Ramirez's solo home-run with an RBI and that's all she wrote.

To speak about the pitching... Sanchez was pitching a gem. He had a no hitter until Red Sox first baseman Hanley Ramirez broke it with a homer later in the game. Still, dominance performance by the young Ace.

So this is it. Against the team's rivals the Os. With Jones and Machado's clutch hitting, let's hope the Jays wish again for a victory to then face their post season rivals the Texas Rangers.

We all know there's gonna be intense playing with these clubs facing each other.

It's a due and die game Tuesday night in the 6. Lets hope this game ends with a bat flip.

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