Thursday, 13 October 2016


Grab the brooms guy and let the celebration begin!

Well, I guess some of you right now. This post is late.

Yeah guys sorry for the late post. Been busy with editing my video which I hope I can upload it tonight but I can't because tonight is my first overnight shift and dang I'm kind of nervous


Although Sanchez pitched so dominant having his ERA to a career high of .300, he wasn't the Ace many jays fan thought of in that game.

In the 1st inning, Texas DH, Carlos Beltran grounded to the right side which scored Carlos Gomez. Jays later took the bottom by a 2-run homeroom from Edwin Encarnacion and a solo blast from Russel Martin.

Rangers this time bought their bats in this elimination game. SS Elvin Andrus cut the deficit to one in the third inning with a solo shot.

Jays didn't wanted it. Josh Donaldson later doubled to score Carrera, and the Edwin hit a sharp single to left centre field to score Donaldson to have this game at 5-2.

Toronto public enemy #1 Rougned Odor did not want to give up and so he answered the boos with a 2 run-home-run.

Then later in the inning with reliever Joe Biagini on the mound, it looked like Rangers were gonna take this game. First basemen Mitch Moreland doubled to the left centre field scoring 2 Rangers now leading the game by 1.

But the boys were not finished.

In the bottom of the 6th with men on third and second, 2B Dawin Barney popped out to yet again probably have the Jays stranded in scoring position because it's already 2 outs now. With Carrera at bat, the Texas reliever threw a ball outside and catcher Jonathan Lucroy couldn't manage to catch it. Troy Tulowitzki scores and we are tied at 6 in the 6ix.

The bullphen from both clubs were amazing. They were amazing plays that could allow a scoring chance but these teams were fighting like if they're lives were depending on it.

Then it happened. On the 10th inning, Rangers pitcher Matt Bush seems like he has the game well in his hands. After when Donaldson hits a double in left centre field and an intentional walk to Edwin Encarnation, Jose Bautista can once again be the hero and a nightmare to the Rangers if he pokes a ball to the grass. Unfortunately, he struck out, having to deal with Russell Martin to play hero. With 3-2 count, Martin hits a tricky hopper to SS Andrus. It seemed like it would be a routine double play, but boy were the baseball gods here tonight. Right when Odor caught the ball for first out, his throw to first base was wide for first baseman Moreland to reach for the ball leaving Martin to be safe. The ball bounced out of his glove and with a heads up play by Donaldson, he rounded third and scored to win the ballgame and series. Rangers manager Banister requested a challenge to see if there was interference on second base maybe interrupting the play. Umpire Joe West received the call and it was upheld ending the ball game.

Odor, the public enemy of city of Toronto who homered to quiet the fans committed the last error to let the Blue Jays walk off. It's true, 'I rather get punched in May than be knocked out in October." I believe now that the fans and the Blue Jays are very thankful for Odor. What a Thanksgiving weekend!

Now what's next?? Time to play in the ALCS. Last year, the Blue Jays lost in game 5 against Kansas City who the last inning was very close for them to go into game 6. Time for redemption. On an update note, the Cleveland Indians also swept the Red Sox ending Ortiz last season in his career. Lets hope the bats that we saw this series in the ALDS continues against Cleveland and their dominant pitching staff. This playoff team reminds me of the 2015 Blue Jays team back in August. 

Game 1 in Cleveland starts at 8 Friday night.

Let's go boys!!!

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