Thursday, 13 October 2016

Dear Kylie Jenner and the rest.

Dear Kylie Jenner and the rest of any boy or girl who feel like they aren't pretty or handsome,
I like you Kylie but it's hard to understand you. I remember seeing you at your pre-teen age in the first few seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. You see, you were just the young girl always getting in trouble with Kendall because hey, you were just kids. I always thought there was something special about you. I thought you were really pretty. I was in high school when I started watching the reality T.V series. I started to see the change you and Kendall were setting onto. Whenever it was the hair or the lips being done.
Now after seeing that, I felt it wasn't right to watch the show anymore. I mean, too many young girls look up to your sisters, especially Kim. In my opinion, I don't really see Kim as a role model to young girls in my opinion... I'll probably talk about that in my next blog.
Many of these girls.. They see what you guys have. The 'perfect' life. The beauty. When you were 13, you weren't all about the life you have now. There are 13 year old girls or even younger who want to be like you.
Who knows if you stayed the same without the lips being done if you would have the same fans you have today.
I started to go back in watching the reality show. I started to see something. You're different than most of your sisters. To me, you don't seem like you want to have this "luxury" life.
I feel like sometimes you gotta live to the expectation because you are around one of the most famous people in TV this era. You try so much and you have people hating on you, people judging you, ridiculing you, honestly it never ends.
Everytime I go on Facebook, and just search out your name, you post a photo. Majority of comments is just judgement. Judging your mom's parenting skills, judging on how you're too young to dress like this or what you're wearing. Listen I may not like what someone is doing or wearing but I'm not gonna put them down to make me feel better.
And this is all I see from people.. judging you usually because they don't have the lifestyle that you have. But in my opinion.. I can see it. You don't want this.
So my message is do something you like. Don't do something to make people happy, do it because you like it.
I'm working overnight and on my shift at 5am I see on snapchat discovery page a post from Daily Mail on you..
You admitted you got your lips done because you thought guys won't kiss you because you had thin lips? This is wrong
To you and to all these girls who feel like you need to change something, your appearance to be liked or to be more secure of yourself, I can't judge you, all I can say is make sure this is something you really want to do.
All of you are beautiful, without your lips, mouth, eye lids, butt, chest, legs, etc being done.

I tend to ask myself who was very insecure on my lips, teeth and eye lid being big than the other if I got these done.. I would have a different reaction... Maybe I'll get more likes, more comments on a selfie, probably be hit on by more girls..

But what's the point really? I just basically told my creator, "hey uhm.. yeah the way you made me with my lips and nose.. yeah you suck." I can't insult my creator for making me look with these specific features. Because I know one day, one person will love these features of mine and will want to be with this nerdy guy.
Yeah, we can say when it comes to braces it's a nessecity. I mean, it fixes your teeth which gives a good look but it also prevents anything harmful that could harm your teeth, gums and your mouth.
But if your lips that are small won't cause pain, why fix it?
I'm not saying to not do these changes for yourself guys. I'm saying to look at yourself and ask yourself "do I love myself? Do I think I'm beautiful?" If you can say that with an honest heart, I say go for it. If you can't, then that's all on you.
Kylie Jenner has admitted that she regrets getting her lips done. Now, it's your choice. If you wanna have a new style, change something of yours, go for it! If there's something you don't like, I don't know maybe freckles, beauty mark, small lips, just know this... Maybe that person you're interested is not into what you have. But someone is!

Many of you people idolize Kylie Jenner, thinking she is the definition of beautiful, perfection... but that's not it. Beautiful doesn't mean having the right appearance; it means having high standards. Standards such as character, high maintenance, class, respect, dignity, etc. I mean, a house can look beautiful on the outside but on the inside there could be a huge mess.

Kylie Jenner can do anything because of course, she's got the money. But if she didn't, would she be obsessed in finding a way to get her lips done? Maybe not, maybe she would learn without experiencing it that she is beautiful in her own way. Now getting surgery is expensive, and yeah, you may have the money or your parents do, but remember what I say, to do it because you know you are already beautiful and you just want to be creative.

Remember, looks may fade but the heart will always be the same.

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