Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Wow! What an amazing day! I have no words on to say about my favourite baseball team.

Before I talk about this amazing game, I just wanna talk about today and oh man, it's really awesome to be working at a job where your manager will talk about how he plays Pokemon GO during his break. This man is team mystic woohoo!

It was a very chill shift. I took out the garbage and clean out the back. Then I had to learn about putting talkers below the product and then just organizing it.

The time was 8:00 and I was very nervous in hearing what the game is gonna have. When I had my small break, it was just the first inning of this AL Wild Card Game. Then, I realize time was going too fast. It was already 9:20 after i finish my second last task. My mind was all about the game. Then when I finished at 10:00, I clocked out and called my mother. Thank God she was outside waiting. I checked in on the radio to hear the game; I looked at my phone too.. It was 2-2. Then I got home watching the game and oh man there were chances for both sides. I was nervous and shaking too much.

Then, it happened.

After a close ninth inning for the Jays with a lead off double by Josh Donaldson and a walk to Edwin, unfortunately Jose Bautista struck out and Russell Martin hit a double play, this game was gonna turn into something special.

After O'Day retired the side in the 10th, the Jays had starter Fransisco Liriano and man has he been bringing it. Retired the side and now here comes the middle part of the line up. With the power house line up, I thought Showwalter will use his best reliever, his close Zach Britton, but instead used Ubaldo Jimenez.

Now, people would criticize Buck for his choice but I understand why he did it... If the O's scored, Britton will be in. The fact Ubaldo was dominant against the Jays the last game he started, Buck was sure his pitcher will get out of the inning.

But he thought wrong.

After Carrera got called out on strikes, Travis and Donaldson singled so now it's 2 men on first and third with one out and the best RBI hitter is into the plate. With Jimenez seemingly to have loose control on his mechanics with the pressure, Edwin makes him pay. When Os catcher Matt Wieters was set up for an outside pitch, the ball got lost and went into Edwin's sweet spot and he didn't miss it at all.

With all those who criticize Gibbons for placing Stroman today, I hope you guys feel it because he was amazing today. I had so much faith that he will bring it tonight and he did. Also great work from the bullpen on both clubs.

Now what's next? Time for some revenge against the Texas Rangers. The Rangers have had a great season this year but did not have it with the Blue Jays. Of course, everyone knows what happened the last time the Jays visited Texas. Lets hope for a great series and watch out Odor, we don't like you hurting our players.

Lets go boys!!

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